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  1. It doesn't what his wife's name is? What is wrong with them? Thought that they would get away with it but it caught up yo them
  2. My daughter was just down there with Seton Hill University with Sisters of Charity, helping buid houses! She just loved it and if they do it again, she's planning on going back
  3. busrolls36

    Band cards

    Welcome! Of course I'm still getting calls for them and my daughter has been out of school for 2 years! But, I still have connections 😀
  4. busrolls36

    Band cards

    Band cards expire in September and the kids will get them in August at Bandcamp! If you need more information, I'm the one that can get you phone numbers, plus it's only through the DAHS marching band not the school
  5. I just made the switch from Verizon to cricket since my bill every month was over $200 and so far I like it
  6. All meds are counted at the end of each shift not just narcs!
  7. busrolls36


    I also heard that there was new too! No idea what happened
  8. busrolls36


    Please keep my daughter in your prayers as she travels this week on a mission trip to New Orleans! She is just worried about a few things right now! Thank you
  9. busrolls36


    I know that's what I heard too but it was 115! Hope and pray that he's going to be ok
  10. busrolls36


    It was 115 East Washington Ave! It's up by my house
  11. It is so very sad! My cousin works in that building but was working from home that day! Thank God he was home but still very sad
  12. OH no! How sad, prayers for all involved
  13. Oh I'm switching to cricket when my daughter comes back for the summer! Once I paid off the 2 phones, it went back to about $150, now it's over $200 again!!! I'm sick of all the extra charges and paying so much anymore.
  14. Yes he was my cousin! Not sure of any details or anything as to why they are closing but I'm probably guessing it has to do with his untimely passing
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