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  1. Good for her! Finally some good news coming out instead of all bad
  2. Well, I am a single mother and my daughter works full time when home and when she's at school does about 20 hours on the weekends since there wasn't any other activities that she was involved in and I help her with her car insurance and her loans and she pays her car payment! I also had to start paying for our health insurance since my new job doesn't offer it! Yes I have claimed her and she pays her own bills! When she graduates in December of this year, she will have 5 cords around her, magna cum lauda and 4 others and after she graduates she's planning on going to grad school to further her education
  3. Excuse me? I was laid off from my job for 6 months from March till may and completely lost our jobs and my daughter was employed at the same place I was and she got a job right away and I got another one not too soon after that, than I was again laid off but I'm now returning to work! You have no right telling people what to do with their stimulus check.......I am a single parent and my daughter chose to further her education at a great university which has done her a world of good, she has amazing friends, getting a great education in her chosen field! It's none of your business what we do with our money!
  4. Mine is a senior in college and has 4 jobs on campus as well as off, plus is section leader of marching band, co-captian of winter guard and maintained to be on the dean's list! Plus she's working here over 60± hours! So I think they deserve to get what we are!
  5. I'm paying bills with mine since I'm now unemployed again but I really wish they would look into giving some to the college students too! My daughter wants to pay off her tuition and I need to pay my health insurance and some other stuff
  6. Just need some prayers for some family members going through a rough time and I'm not going into detail but please these are great family members and very loving! Thank you
  7. busrolls36


    It is very hard when you are struggling to lose a job and have bills to pay and the holidays are right around the corner! Believe me, I lost my job at the beginning of this pandemic and was ok until they completely left us go and had to find something else. Than I found another job in June and now I’m back on the unemployment line, with having a daughter in college and having to pay my own health insurance, it is a tough time! But, I’m kind of enjoying my time off, getting some stuff done that I have been wanting to! Merry Christmas to all and try and stay positive
  8. Think about the time this happened, after 3 pm, if he was coming up over a hill, that sun might've been in his eyes as well! That stretch of highway is very dangerous, I have traveled this road before and believe me, there is farm equipment as well as Amish that travel it and if you are not paying attention, than you could end up in an accident! I had 7 different vehicles pass me on that road a year ago due to a piece of farm equipment on it and no sooner we got up on the one intersection, there was a head on collision and it was one that passed me
  9. Well, there were baseball games a few months ago and they were from new york and new jersey and I believe maryland!
  10. They gave a huge amount of money to the school, us what I heard!
  11. There's a couple of local guys trying to win Chris Biggie who lives in the Pittsburgh area, good luck to him
  12. This road is very dangerous and like I’ve said before, I have traveled that same road all my life to see my family that lives 5 minutes from where it happened and it is a shame that this happened and I feel sorry for the driver as well, he has to olive with this his entire life! Good Luck into getting something done from PennDot, I tried the governor’s office and they flat out told me that they are allowed on the road and case closed! I’m just concerned with their safety as well
  13. But where this happened at, this is a very dangerous road and the curves are awful! I have traveled that road all my life, and we were almost in an accident last fall coming from my aunt's, because there was farm equipment going slow and they were 10 vehicles that passed me and just about a mile away, there was a head on collision! Involving one that passed! Just like traveling on 119, they need an alternative road for the Amish so it's not only safe for them but us as well!
  14. That is a very dangerous road to travel on! If he was coming up a hill and on a curve, he might not have seen them in time! There are farm equipment that travel that road as well, trust me, I know that road since I have traveled it to see my family that lives like 15 minutes from where it happened! I gave saying this for years that the Amish need a road to themselves and not on a main high traveled highway. But your local official shut me up when they told me it was ok for them to be on there too
  15. People in general need to slow down! My neighbor goes flying up our street all the time and claims he's going slow! He drives either a red pt cruiser, black truck or a white festival, the significant other drives like hell to. Just be careful wherever you are nowadays
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