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  1. Please, just do this by wearing the mask and washing your hands and only go out unless you have to! My daughter wants to go back to college and finish up her senior year and start student teaching and be able to be with her friends and do her 10th year of marching band and just get her degree!!!! Be safe and if you have to go out, use your head!
  2. Thank God, my tax return will be in my account soon sometime this week! My prayers have been answered! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and grandma's
  3. Very sad! My friends got to meet him as well as my cousins
  4. Thanks, Bon! I'm hoping that it comes very soon, even though I get my unemployment and my stimulus check, it would help me so much more! I still could pay off my one loan and than work on my credit card bill and my daughter's student loan! I'm not worried about getting groceries since our cupboards are full! Just sorry about my other 2 major bills
  5. busrolls36


    Just like the IRS, I wish they would get their asses back to work so I can get my damn refund! I'm sick of waiting almost 60 days and my bills can not wait much longer I'm not the only one that filed back in February, my friends filed about the same time and every time we call we get the same answer "there's not enough staff to answer your call"!
  6. No, I efiled with direct deposit! That was on February 20, and my hold up is because they need to make sure my daughter gets all of the scholarships and grants! They said it could take up to 60 days to receive it. Just look at my filing status as well as my income, it's below $13,000 and than tell me my daughter doesn't deserve it
  7. I received mine awhile ago but still waiting for my tax return! I'm getting very frustrated about it and when I call, the machine says that there isn't enough staff to cover the calls!
  8. I got my check faster than my tax return and I have been laid off since March 16, my poor daughter didn't qualify for unemployment because she supposedly didn't work too many hours in the quarter! I have used my check for bills, groceries and now I need to go and buy a new car battery!!!
  9. I'm just hoping and praying it's not who I'm thinking of? If it is, something drastically changed him and not sure what?
  10. Ok, I have a question about the new hires for the housekeeping department, will they get laid off as well? I know 2 of the new staff that got hired and were to start at the beginning of April and was curious as to what would happen to their jobs? Thank you to all of these healthcare workers, be safe
  11. I got mine yesterday and my unemployment about a week later after filing and than got it again a week after that!!!! God sure is looking out for me
  12. Well, my poor daughter in a heading into her senior year and is just praying that they do go back! She wants to be in her 10th year if marching band and really doesn't want to miss it, plus she does better in a classroom than online!
  13. So how is everyone taking advantage of being off work? I've managed to get my shredding done that has been in my room piling up for year! Once I get that done, thinking of rearranging my bedroom! Be safe and take care
  14. Ok, I'm trying to get my laundry done so I can go up and get my bedroom cleaned! Since my daughter doesn't have any classes and really nothing to do today!
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