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  1. busrolls36


    I know that's what I heard too but it was 115! Hope and pray that he's going to be ok
  2. busrolls36


    It was 115 East Washington Ave! It's up by my house
  3. It is so very sad! My cousin works in that building but was working from home that day! Thank God he was home but still very sad
  4. OH no! How sad, prayers for all involved
  5. Oh I'm switching to cricket when my daughter comes back for the summer! Once I paid off the 2 phones, it went back to about $150, now it's over $200 again!!! I'm sick of all the extra charges and paying so much anymore.
  6. Yes he was my cousin! Not sure of any details or anything as to why they are closing but I'm probably guessing it has to do with his untimely passing
  7. Oh I'm not saying that they aren't hard workers, which they are but I think they need to be put in jail just like a normal person! Yes there are ones that are very rude, I know somebody that was Amish and got out and I just love this person!
  8. They are pretty sick individuals! Just one question: where did they get the $25,000 bail money? He had to have 10% down and who in their right mind has that kind of money laying around? Since they don't believe in a lot of stuff
  9. busrolls36

    A rant

    Ok can you guys describe him for me? It might not be the same guy
  10. busrolls36

    A rant

    I know that gentleman and he's a very nice guy and has 4 kids and is a great dad/husband! Regardless of him being on his phone, he's not the only one that it is! He's never been in trouble with the law nor has a criminal record! So, don't be judging him
  11. I sure hope so, Steve! I'm glad that she's making it bigger, but she should notify everyone that has their dresses there what's going on!
  12. I see that somebody bought it and is remodeling it! My question is this: I took a few dresses to her about 2 months ago so she could try and resale them! How do I get in contact with her? I'm hoping that she didn't lose the paperwork as well as the dresses?
  13. I like Jamans idea! Yes The DuBois Dream Team needs another place to practice besides the ymca or DCC to play! These guys are a great group and just love to be here! No we do not need another steak house, we have Hoss's and we need to support the ones we have now! If these guys get a place to play other than DCC they draw in the crowd!
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