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  1. What is the difference in HD TV and regular? We have Xfinity and when I switch to the normal channels, it goes to the newer ones? I really don't see the difference
  2. busrolls36


    More than likely it was the transformer that blew in the middle of the night, ours flickered than too but came right back on
  3. busrolls36


    My great uncle kept telling them to do this up until he passed almost 20 years ago and they never listened and probably still won't!
  4. Merry Christmas to all and have a blessed New Year
  5. It is a sad day! Friends of mine had the opportunity to be on when the show when they were little!
  6. Thanks, I’m happy where I am but when they messed with my entire life in just a few short months, I just got my status back on September! Which, we have been almost a full house this entire year! Just have to try and keep my faith but it goes from one extreme to another! Thanks for the vote of confidence
  7. Just have to wait till I talk to her to see what she wants to do
  8. I'm really in a tough situation right now and my temper is ready to go and I don't mean to! Ever since this past March , I was at full time until they knocked me to part time without my knowledge! So I pretty much lost my benefits as well as my holiday pay, and all of my PTO time! I'm back to full time but without that extra money, I'm very frustrated!
  9. PM me. I'' exchange your euros for $$

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    2. BigDaddy325
    3. busrolls36


      I can call you sometime tomorrow? My daughter isn’t speaking to me right now since she’s doing finals and is under pressure! She only has around $15 worth if that’s ok

    4. busrolls36


      Hey, sorry I just got back to you but my daughter is going to sell them to one of her friends since she's going to Ireland to study abroad! Thanks anyway

  10. I just went and they won’t because we don’t have over $100 and the fees are outrageous which I really don’t think it’s right! No matter how much you have it shouldn’t matter
  11. My daughter called and they told her that they can but it has to be over $100 and the fees are more than what they are worth!!!
  12. Like I can just drive there and back on 1/4 of a tank? This is so frustrating because o don’t have over a couple hundred dollars worth
  13. Not yet and this is getting really frustrating
  14. Almost! Our best bet is an airport which I can’t exactly get it there with my gas tank being low and not getting paid until Friday
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