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  1. That was 10 minutes from my daughter and there is a park called a Twiin Lakes that is not far from where it happened
  2. Thanks, she's done very well down there so far! I'm very proud of her
  3. My daughter was very prepared for higher education and that was thanks to her teachers at DAHS! Some of her professors even have commented on some of her projects as well as her notes as to how much she was taught at her alma mater and some of her own classmates have not had the same type of education! So no matter what you guys can say about these teachers in this district, they are doing there job and have helped mold her into becoming a college student
  4. Like I said, my daughter is a history education major and has done very well so far! She has been invited to eat with the dean of the school and the Sisters of Charity and holds down a government job! You have to let your kids chose their path to happiness and they will succeed in life.
  5. Let me tell you, my daughter is at a college that their graduation rate is 98% and she just got another scholarship! She was accepted to go to New Orleans this past summer and now she was just accepted to go to Belize in the spring on another mission trip! She has been involved in marching band,concert band, pep band,winter guard, gas 2 jobs on campus one is in the library and the other is a government job! Plus, she's section leader of band, still maintains almost a 4.0!!!!! She's in a university that was meant for her class size which is an average of 16-40 students! Once she graduates,she's planning on going to grad school
  6. busrolls36


    Or you have ignorant neighbors that blow them onto the road and let's them there instead of getting them into a pile and putting them into the woods! When they are only going to go to the sewer drain and plug it up and cause problems
  7. Disgruntled pm me! Are you still living up in the neighborhood?
  8. @jt85, did you grow up in this area? Pm me, we probably went to school together! I haven't been down there in years!
  9. There hasn't been tracks there in over 20±years! Nobody has been cutting the brush since my grandpa was alive and going down there and he's been gone for 10 years!!!!
  10. My advice, don't go in!!!! I live above that area and it's been falling apart and very dangerous! The trees and weeds are so overgrown it's awful
  11. So am I understanding this correctly that they just raised the water bill up there? We have a piece of property up there with nothing on it just an empty lot and still have to pay for the water! Can you guys answer a question for me? If my mom would let it go for taxes, would she end up going to jail? As of this year,the taxes and assessments are paid. But, it's going to be rough trying to try and pay them next year? Thank you
  12. That's what I just told my gm the other day! That it would be nice to hear thank you to feel more appreciated instead of being treated like crap!
  13. So is he in custody of not? Hey, they can never take a situation like this with a grain of salt! He may or may not have left the area, they have to check out any leads!
  14. They are staying open but only closed due to redoing the outside!I talked to one of my friends that her daughter works there and she was there last week! So no, they aren't closing for good
  15. Yes it does go for a great cause but you also support local business
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