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  1. busrolls36

    Nicole's Niche

    I sure hope so, Steve! I'm glad that she's making it bigger, but she should notify everyone that has their dresses there what's going on!
  2. busrolls36

    Nicole's Niche

    I see that somebody bought it and is remodeling it! My question is this: I took a few dresses to her about 2 months ago so she could try and resale them! How do I get in contact with her? I'm hoping that she didn't lose the paperwork as well as the dresses?
  3. busrolls36

    Mall Update

    I like Jamans idea! Yes The DuBois Dream Team needs another place to practice besides the ymca or DCC to play! These guys are a great group and just love to be here! No we do not need another steak house, we have Hoss's and we need to support the ones we have now! If these guys get a place to play other than DCC they draw in the crowd!
  4. busrolls36

    Oklahoma Salem Road

    I know the one mother of the one child and they said he was going to be evaluated! So just be thankful that this come out on a good note and everyone can go back to their families! Just keep everyone in your prayers
  5. busrolls36

    Oklahoma Salem Road

    Ok I know the whole story and gave himself up peacefully! Hey, I didn't know what was going on before until I actually found out
  6. busrolls36

    Oklahoma Salem Road

    OH so they have a nut holding someone hostage or themselves hold up
  7. busrolls36

    Oklahoma Salem Road

    Ok, any idea what is going on? Since they shut the road down near piney lane
  8. busrolls36

    Air Force Daughter

    Congratulations and Thank You for your service
  9. busrolls36

    Roots & Boots Tour In St.Marys

    Aww! That would've been a great show but of course I don't have anybody to o go with
  10. busrolls36

    Closing And Delays For Thursday, Feb.21, 2019

    Are the roads extremely icey? I just got asked to go to work but I live on a hill and I'm afraid that I won't get off
  11. busrolls36


    The bad thing is, it's in a black cover! I will find it where I least expect it to be! Crazy things you find when you are looking for something
  12. We have one as well! When it comes to bridal shower gifts, we usually buy a smoke alarm and or the combination of that and carbon monoxide one or for the we'dding gift a fire extinguisher! Nobody ever thinks of those types of things
  13. busrolls36


    The thing is, it never left my bedroom. So who knows where it went from point a to point b?
  14. busrolls36


    No but I will probably find it later when I least expect it
  15. busrolls36


    Isn't that the truth, always happens like that!!!