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  1. I have known Dave Nagele for over 30 years and he is a great guy! Used to be my neighbor and baptized my daughter and has done almost my entire families funeral service!!
  2. Congratulations! Madd Max, Max Salada
  3. Wonder what is going on?
  4. Thanks but I’m very concerned about my daughter and our financial situation and What’s going on
  5. Please keep my family in your prayers there’s too much going on right now and it has my nerves are pretty bad and I’m kind of scared
  6. Do you really think that my daughter would be using her stimulus check if she would get one for unnecessary things? I know exactly what she's going to do with it! She has gone on 2 mission trips with her university which she paid for herself, paid for her books, online classes so she can graduate in December, I can go on and on but I know my daughter and what exactly she plans on doing with her money!
  7. Well, it would help her out so much and make my life alot easier. You have no idea what it’s like to live with a college student that was ready to go back to finish out the semester only to be told that they have to move out and go online! Her state of depression was unreal
  8. You should be in our position!!! We both lost our jobs due to the pandemic and had to start all over and my daughter is still paying on her car payment and tuition and she paid for her online classes all by herself in order for her to graduate in December!!!! Plus she was working the entire summer and winter break
  9. My daughter has earned everything she has gotten so far and I really wish that they would include the college students in the stimulus! You have no idea how hard it is to live with one last year at this time! When I had to move her back home and she had to go online for her classes, she learns alot better in a classroom than most and when she learnt that she wasn’t going to get one. All hell broke loose and it wasn’t a fun time! This young lady and her friends weren’t able to put on their uniforms again or march in their last game or anything like that! These kids that I know deserve to be rewarded
  10. That would fantastic on our end since I’m helping her pay it! Technically, most people would ask why am I helping her with so much, but she’s a great young lady and has not given me any reason to not! That would be the only thing I would say good about him doing. 😂
  11. Thanks but I hate taking the extra money away from her but I have bills that need paid and I just can’t live off of what I have in my account right now! I’m saving it for when my taxes are done
  12. What a sick a&$ He needs locked up for good
  13. That’s great that she has a trust fund and has saved up, but being a single parent with no help from the other side and barely making it! But, she really lucked out with all the scholarships and grants since she is so stinking smart! But she works hard for those grades, I never did, never liked school.
  14. She works when she’s home too and down on campus and off so she’s not lazy! Even this past summer, her and her one friend and yes there was only the 2 of them went tubing! She got to hangout with her friends here and her friends there are all in the same room! She always puts her education first and than her friends and family! I plan on helping her if and when we get our stimulus check and than my income tax! But I have to pay my bills caught up since starting my job in June
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