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  1. What about the small university's playing football and marching bands? These kids are having Bandcamp at the high school but my daughter who is a senior in college can not finish up her senior year on the field?
  2. How about the PSAC, this does not only effect the sports teams but the marching bands? There are seniors that have been marching for 10years and wanted to finish up their college careers on the field with their friends! These kids are devastated, but where my daughter goes, they are planning on going back and face to face in class with masks!!!!
  3. Well, hopefully this is the same one that was chasing my friend and her pups! She said it was very aggressive
  4. I don't trust anybody especially him or wolf or Levine! They say the same thing over and over again and I'm tired of it all!!!!!
  5. I know where exactly the farm is and who owns it! Just keep them in your prayers
  6. Ok did they say where on Sandy Valley Road exactly? I have family that have barns and is a bit concerned
  7. Thank you so much! Hopefully everything will be what I'm looking for
  8. I just got a job at the Comfort Suites starting tomorrow!!!! Kinda nervous at the same time excited
  9. How long ago was this polo? I don't understand what is wrong with today's society
  10. I'm waiting till I hear back from Christ The King and than go from there! They have to check my references and they have called them so far and than I expect to hear from them!
  11. This was friends if mine and they are in need of much prayers!
  12. It seemed to go pretty good, just has to talk to the one in charge and call my references! Hopefully something will happen but I'm not holding my breath! Thanks for asking
  13. Thank you all for all of your support! I have a phone interview on Thursday for Christ The King for housekeeping, so say some much needed prayers that things will start turning around
  14. Thanks polo! I already did apply! I'm not in too much of a hurry since it's warm out but it's been 12 weeks since I worked last! I'm getting stuff done around the house and keeping up with the yardwork, which that's my happy place is outside cutting grass
  15. I had my own business 30+ years ago and I’m not wanting to do that again! It’s too much work and I don’t want that headache again
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