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  1. We all did! Thank God nobody else was hurt or killed because he took off all because of an expired registration card and expired license plate!
  2. What exactly happened? I saw the link on Facebook but didn't really say
  3. Thanks, she always put her studies first even when she was in elementary! Even during this pandemic, she was not only working full time but taking online classes! She's just concerned about what they are to do about doing their student/teaching since just about all of the schools in that area have gone virtual, so hopefully when they go back after Christmas break that they can get their stuff done
  4. She's a history education major and wants to be a secondary history teacher!
  5. If they do sign the bill for another stimulus check, will they think about the poor college kids that are working not only 1 job but 3 plus trying to study and keep up their grades? My daughter is one of them that has 4 jobs on campus and works 20 hours off campus plus when she is home, she has a full time job!
  6. Working and if it's not too late when I get home, put our lawn furniture away and our she'd organized! Hoping that it doesn't rain early in the morning on Sunday, try and get our pampus grass trimmed back and i mean way back
  7. busrolls36

    Big Ten

    Im happy that it's going to return but I want the PSAC would change their minds, very hard to hear my daughter in tears because she can't put on her marching band uniform for possibly the last time
  8. Thank you, trying to get more financial aid and having my income go way down since March even though we are now working and I have more hours where I'm at now than before! But I'm still kinda feeling low
  9. I’m in need of some prayers right now, I’m trying to fill out some paperwork for my daughter and it’s getting to the point where I’m wanting to just cry! Thanks to my former employer and losing my job, our income isn’t what it used to be and it’s very difficult to sign anything and get approved
  10. Listen, my daughter is concerned about this whole thing and wants to be able to stay on campus to finish up her senior year!!!! But if someone travels from other areas and they might have it and pass it along!!!!!! So please be think about others
  11. Most colleges have had them take the test before they stepped on campus, and where my daughter goes there have not been any cases at all! But there are 4 university's that are near latrobe and people coming in from all over and I'm hoping and praying that they remember to take precautions and wear their mask
  12. Just remember one thing please! Remember to wear your mask and be safe,there are still college kids that there and would like to stay on campus for their final year!
  13. busrolls36


    Living in DuBois and traveling to Greensburg for games for us wasn't too bad,since some of the football games either started at noon or 3 and sometimes 4! But when we couldn't make it down, they were always livestream we, which was awesome! But I wish they wouldn't have cancelled that quick
  14. busrolls36


    I just wish the PSAC didn't cancel as soon as they did! Because if I couldn't get to the game to see my daughter perform, they always livestream their games even the basketball games! So I can still see her on the side play
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