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  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!
  2. Prayers for you and your friend.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
  4. The residents on Highland st ext., were notified today Thursday July 16th, that The Frank & Susan Zelman #1 injection well on Highland St. Ext will be drilled Wednesday July 22nd 2020.
  5. Thank you Petee for posting this information, Very costly for people living on fixed incomes.
  6. Windfall Oil & Gas submitted an application for renewal of the Underground Injection Control Class ll D disposal well on April 10, 2020 EPA is processing the permit application at this time.
  7. We want to thank the State Trooper today at DuBois Wendys that payed it forward, paying for our lunch order , It was so kind of him. We in turn paid for the car behind us. it was a great gesture and brightened our day! Thank you so much , and god bless you.
  8. Totally agree Rusty. Dye should be injected into these class ll injection wells , this would alert the public when the toxic waste is entering the well water , and other water sources immediately . , and unplugged gas wells. And surface areas. Putting dye into these class ll injection wells , would solve many of the problems for Residents living near Toxic Waste wells, {which should not be built by or near},...... and for the Oil and gas companies involved. DYE would prove migration of these fluids. No DYE, no need to prove anything by oil and gas. such as migration.
  9. Supreme Court rejects EPA's narrow view of Clean Water Act. by the Associated Press Published April 24th 2020 Maui injects 3 million to 5 million gallons a day of treated wastewater into well beneath the Lahaina Wastewater Reclamation Facility, which sits about a half mile from the Pacific shore line. Environmental groups in Hawaii sued Maui after studies using dyes to trace. Showed more than half the discharge from two wells entering the ocean in a narrow area. They won a ruling from the federal appeals court based in San Francisco. Windfall Oil and Gas needs to include DYES, to trace the flow of the toxic waste water. Injected into the Highland st ext Zellman #1 well.
  10. This is not a treatment plant. It is a class ll injection well site, for injecting toxic fluids, including drill cuttings., that are very Toxic.
  11. This injection well will cause many problems on the surface. But being pumped down 7200 ft , will also cause problems. The reason for this is, the toxic fluids being pumped down at high pressure will cause the fluids to migrate and flow into faults and back up the old abandon gas wells in the area., and will come back up to the surface, in other cases, many miles away. Talking with many officials about this, no one can answer the question, of where the fluid will go or end up. The residents will have the Toxic fluid under their houses. And one more point , now that Zelman#1 is under construction, in Brady Township, sadly there are no ordinances to stop it.There will be many more build in this area. It wont be just Highland st ext residents involved. This has been a 9 year battle and still no ordinances formed to protect us. Its not a matter of if it will leak, its a matter of when.
  12. The question has been asked many times, why the driller decided not to locate the Toxic class ll injection well on his own acreage. Could it be he did not want the truck traffic 7 days a week driving in front of his house, or the loud sound of the Large generators 24-7, the earth shaking equipment, expensive water testing, and lowered property value, Trucks passing each other on a narrow road, and passing regular traffic, and the school bus traffic. But hey on the up side, he could walk to work! And its Safe
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