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Prayers for Nick Nicastro!


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Hello all.... As some of you may know, Nick Nicastro was in an accident on his dirt bike last night. He is currently in ICU with a traumatic brain injury, and the next 3-5 days are very crucial!!


We have been blown away with the love, prayers and support we have been receiving from all over the world!!! And can't thank you enough!!


We believe that prayer changes everything, SO PLEASE KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING!!! 


Nick's strong will is working for his good, along with the Favor of God!!!


OUR GOD IS A WAY MAKER, MIRACLE WORKER, A PROMISE KEEPER, LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS!!! He is in control and hears the cries of his children!!!!!!


We will update you all the best we can on here moving forward and feel free to share! 

The more prayers the better!

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