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  1. Like We Never Said Goodbye--Barbra Streisand
  2. Found this. For anyone who'd like to contribute to her children: Jennifer Kness Children's Fund c/o Phoenixville Federal, 120 Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460.
  3. The hummers have one more month before they start to migrate....they are bulking up for that long trek south.....cool little birds....mine love the nectar made with organic instead of white sugar....its a steady line of birds at the feeder.....love them.
  4. Once again, The Gateway Humane Society will be at DuBois Petco on Saturday, December 7th, from Noon til 4 p.m.! Come, meet and greet the lovable critters who are looking for loving fur-ever homes! Your new best pal could be there!! That's Saturday, December 7th, from noon til 4 at DuBois Petco, 220 Commons Drive, DuBois PA!
  5. Some images from a recent trip to Gettysburg.....These three in particular, I cannot explain. First off: The Witness Tree. In the middle of town, this huge tree has stood since the battle. Just one frame before, was of our ghost walk guide, giving us the story of the tree, then I shot this frame, which was supposed to be of the tree by itself....it was anything but....no settings changed, no lens changed, and nothing hit the lens. Secondly, the Jennie Wade house. What appears to be a face looks out at us from the window.....I think Jennie Wade is a farce. She really has no plac
  6. From what I've been reading in various circles, he is upset over the end of his marriage....hard to say who split first, but there are a bunch of posts and tweets and all that crap....maybe pushed him over the edge.... Jason Hawes posted his concern for Brian on Facebook and also that he'd been found. Brian's wife also posted that he's heading for mental treatment. Hopefully he gets what he needs to make a complete turnaround. Seemed like a nice enough kid on the show.
  7. Well, I have some new experiences to share: Recently some friends visited from Washington state. We decided to go to Gettysburg. I've never had so much activity around me in all my life..... Our hotel room was haunted. One night as we all were bedding in for the night, two of us distinctly heard a voice we did not recognize bid us 'goodnight'. One of our party lost and found a silver chain at least twice. Each time, we all saw her put it on, and never take it off, yet twice it mysterious left her neck, then re-materialized later on, in a place that it wasn't even near.
  8. When I moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for six months for my job...the small house I'd rented, had activity that led to an experience I'll not soon forget. Mind you, I've not told many people about this...never even told my spouse or family about it....but if its a real ghost/poltergeist/paranormal experience you want to read about, then read on. I'd rented a cute little 3 bedroom stilt/pier bungalow that sat right on NC 12 as you head north to Duck and Corolla. It was but 10 minutes from the store, so it was perfect. The price was right too so I rented it sight unseen. It
  9. First picture: I see the orbs, but I think those are the dust or pollen.... Now the SECOND one, I see much more....the bright white orb is MOVING....rest of the picture, is quite sharp....but does anyone else see anything directly in the middle of the tracks in front of him???
  10. Possibly higher resolution camera, and it looks like he had the flash unit on...I could be wrong of course.... I'm up for a walk through sometime.....let me know when the next one is..... Anyone up for checking out the Highland St. Tunnel???? I used hunt fossils there as a kid...we'd need plenty of tick repellant I'm sure, because of the weeds....but......
  11. In the first pictures, I see three distinct faces...the second one, I don't see anything....
  12. I just use 2 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in a quart of water, put in a spray bottle and use. Natural deodorizer, and its pet friendly. Its also easier on folks who get scent triggered migraines. The one I saw on Pinterest is: 1/8 cup of downy 2 tbsps. baking soda hot tap water. put the downy and soda in a spray bottle, and then fill with the hot water.
  13. Our beautiful Maine Coon, "Cleo" crossed to the bridge today...she was 16.....there is a hole in our hearts tonight......she gave us 16 wonderful years of unconditional love...there is nothing better.
  14. I use a cheese grater so its like pizza cheese, then process the soap shreds and the powders in the food processor to a nice powder, like Tide or Gain would be right outta the box
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