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  1. Wow. Calling this year a "vacation" for teachers. C'mon. Especially for LOCAL teachers who have been teaching online students at the same time as in-person students and adapting to a 100 other stupid mandates along the way. Our LOCAL teachers have busted their asses this year. If you want to carry on and complain about idiotic leadership at the National level, that's one thing but slamming teachers in general is out of line.
  2. Thanks for sharing, Cacao. That was a scientifically strong article with minimal political spin - a hard combination to find these days! While it is obvious to me that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab, what is less obvious is why the NIH was funding Chinese-based research with minimal supervision. In my opinion, it was to gain access to possible Chinese military biowarfare capabilities and while that's suggested by the article's author it will be difficult to prove. Nonetheless all involved bear responsibility for the pandemic. How do we move forward from this? What less
  3. Several local restaurants have already stopped their wing nights or are offering deals on boneless wings instead.
  4. In this case, divorce was a way to SAVE a family from an abusive, alcoholic father/husband. My friend, and her children, are safer and happier in her second marriage. Her 2nd husband adopted her sons. Please don't tell me how divorce "harmed" her family. I would think her church would support her in making a decision to save herself and children, not shun her from sacraments. Nonetheless she has remained a practicing, faithful Catholic throughout all of this and I admire her faith. Faith is a delicate thing. Religion is not. It is often my prayer that those who are so busy buildin
  5. Well said. Years ago a dear friend lost her mom in a tragic car accident. The following week I attended mass with my husband (he's Catholic, I am not). This friend was sitting a few pews in front of us with her husband. There was a beautiful sermon given by the priest about how the community had brought food to show love and support to the family that had lost their mom and how this was mirrored in Communion that is taken each time we worship. The priest equated Communion as a way for Christ to show comfort to His followers the same way a grieving family is given food as comfort. At a
  6. Good point. The government already accounts for COL in different areas when government employees, and others, travel for work. GSA rates for meal, hotel reimbursement, etc are based on location. My daily GSA rate for attending a work function in Washington DC would be higher than for attending a function in DuBois. This same formula could easily be applied to minimum wages and have it based on COL in an area/region. The formula the government uses already exists. It just needs applied to minimum wage. Employers would know what their minimum wage was for their area and be able to adjust c
  7. I put myself through college doing exactly this. Tips are great. Until you the day you get a table of 15 who has tied up your section all night decides to leave $20 on a $300 bill or the guy at the bar drank who through the money he had and all you get is a "sorry honey - catch ya next time." For the most part, I came out on top when I worked as a server and bartender...but not always. I was young and didn't have anyone to support but me so I wasn't dependent on that $2.83/hour paycheck to make up the difference but that's not the case for a lot bartenders and servers. Servers/bartende
  8. Shared tipping is miserable. I never worked long at a restaurant that forced servers to tip out the kitchen, bartenders, busboys, etc. I had not problem giving the bartender a tip as thanks, same for a busboy. My issue always was being forced to give a percentage of the money I earned to someone else that was also earning tips(bartender) and/or at minimum wage (busboy).
  9. Minimum wage for servers is $2.83 in PA. Luigi's may pay above that or may not but that's all they are legally required to pay. While this whole raising the minimum wage nonsense is being debated, it's time to look at what restaurant servers are paid. I've long disagreed with the minimum pay for servers being different from regular minimum wages. Let tips be taxed at tax time but pay servers a regular wage. Business patrons shouldn't be expected to make up the difference in the employee's hourly wage rate.
  10. The restaurant industry has arguably been hit the hardest by COVID. Employees that waited months for unemployment claims to go through last Spring probably aren't in a big hurry to go back to work again and face another shutdown/reduction of hours and being put back into the unemployment mess. I can't say I blame them for waiting to return to work until steady work is guaranteed. A friend owns a local eatery. She got her full staff to return to work for the April 4th re-opening date by promising that she was done following the state's guidelines. She opened at 100% capacity and her staf
  11. To me, Trump was a good talker but not a good public speaker. In saying this, I mean that he could talk well about a variety of topics but struggled to convey a message clearly and concisely. I often was lost in his rambling explanations or answers to questions. I a 100000% agree with you about Trump and social media. He slit his own throat there. I know many moderates that simply couldn't stomach voting for him after his social media performances. They voted Jorgensen or didn't vote.
  12. The last President that could speak coherently was Obama. Love him or hate him...he was a good public speaker. Biden is about as clear as Trump was when we went off teleprompter.
  13. I don't believe 3rd world countries have a foster parent system nor support for minors without families. I can't imagine the hell a parent has to have experienced to have decided that best option they have is to send their children with a smuggler and hope that their lives are better in the US. I can't even fathom being that desperate.
  14. Without more information, I can't answer that question. None of us on this board can.
  15. What bothers me about this situation is that officer didn't realize he dislocated her shoulder until another deputy noticed it 6 hours later??? I call BS on that one. There's little doubt when a shoulder is dislocated, especially in someone with such a slight build.
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