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  1. A woman is dead. Can we show a little class and not make this political?
  2. I can't answer for Sunflake, but for me it matters because of school pride. I'm a Bloomsburg alumna. I chose Bloomsburg for my college, not Lock Haven nor Mansfield. There's a certain identity and pride and attached to that decision that will be lost with the consolidation. That being said, I also recognize that if the state schools are going to remain affordable for all then changes need to be made. I support the move to regionalizing campuses but as a graduate, I'm still a little sad.
  3. Okay I can understand that thought process and I agree, names should stay the same. How is the 3 merging universities deciding to rename themselves "Liberal Ridiculousness"? It might be ridiculous, or unnecessary, but it's certainly not politically motivated.
  4. How is 3 universities consolidating into 1 Liberal Ridiculousness?? Hopefully this move, and the consolidation of Bloomsburg, Mansfield, and Lock Haven in eastern PA, will save money and keep state schools affordable to students. https://whyy.org/articles/pa-moves-forward-on-plan-to-merge-6-state-universities-into-2/
  5. This wasn't part of the American Rescue Plant Act. It's a PROPOSED part of legislation that's still being debated. So we can verify, yes, it is true that under President Biden's proposed legislation, the IRS would have access to more information on accounts with more than $600. Keep in mind, this proposal still has to make its way through congress, so things could change. https://www.thv11.com/article/news/verify/yes-the-irs-could-have-more-access-to-your-bank-accounts-under-bidens-proposal/91-91b89f8c-b30b-427d-bf13-a08d05b8414f
  6. Are you anti-vax or just certain ones? Feel free not to answer, I'm just honestly curious. I didn't vax my kids on the recommended schedule because I felt they had too many in 1 appointment. We used the Dr. Sears schedule and they were fully vaxxed by Kindergarten. My pediatrician was supportive of this decision. I've shared before how we decide on the necessity of the flu vaccine each year in our house. I chose to receive the COVID vax, as did my husband. We chose to not vaccinate our 1 child that was old enough at this time. That may change. Choosing to receive a vaccine
  7. I am 100% opposed to vaccine mandates. I have been since the beginning and continue to be today. Healthcare decisions are best left to the individual and his/her doctor. The government does not need to be involved in my personal healthcare. Ever.
  8. So no shingles vax for you once you reach age 50?
  9. I'd love to see a scientific article on this. All of the studies I've read show that individuals who have had COVID and then get vaccinated are actually BEST protected against COVID and any possible future strains.
  10. I agree with you. Natural immunity is superior but vaccines for immune compromised individuals are a safer alternative. Both have benefits...and risks. And weighing out those benefits and risks is best left to the individual.
  11. There seems to be a pattern lately of people sharing stories of vaccinated people testing positive for COVID. I gotta say...why is this news???!!?!?! Any vaccinated person I know is well aware that the vaccine didn't make us immune to COVID but rather lessened the likelihood that we would needs hospitalization and that we would be asymptomatic and pass it on to others. Pretty much just like how the flu shot works each and every year... The COVID vaccine was never intended to wipe out COVID but rather lessen the severity of the illness.
  12. They did try to play Cameron. Cameron coaching staff refused. Brockway was unable to host Maplewood Saturday due to the Tournament of Bands competition already scheduled at the field on Saturday. Brockway isn't nicknamed the Rovers for nothing...the first football team "roved" from field to field as they had no home field originally.
  13. Did you read the entire post or just the first line? Keep reading the whole way to the end. Fact. I pay for my insurance. Fact. My insurance pays for my medical care. Fact. My medical care sometimes includes vaccines. Fact. My insurance pays for the vaccines. Fact. Vaccines are not free. Man up and admit you were wrong, Fed. Covid vaccines are as "free" as flu shots are. Insurance pays for them all.
  14. Look I can Google too:. So who's "facts" do you want to go with here? Can you get a flu shot without insurance? Most insurance companies will cover your flu shot at several pharmacies or urgent care facilities. Without insurance, however, the cost of quadrivalent flu shots can range from $0 to $50. Most major pharmacies give quadrivalent vaccines for around $40.Aug 16, 2021
  15. So who's right Fed? Your source says Vaccine Providers CAN BILL INSURANCE, MEDICARE, MEDICAID. Tax payer dollars come into play for MEDICAID and MEDICARE individuals but not private insurance.
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