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  1. MIM307

    CDC: Masks

    Exactly. He would need another emergency declaration, which the Senate/House won't support.
  2. I agree whole heartedly about Biden's lack of action. I was simply expressing my opinion that Biden's public speaking is no worse than Trump's. Both are hard to follow and often ramble. Neither is a good public speaker.
  3. Biden certainly isn't a great speaker. After the last 4 years, though, I am kinda used to a President who isn't a public speaker.
  4. MIM307

    CDC: Masks

    Wolf said no mask mandate coming for schools but "recommends following CDC guidance." Recommended and required are 2 very different words.
  5. https://bestoftri-county.com/ Nominations are open. Voting on nominated businesses begins Aug 28
  6. It's a good thing she's so cute! Lol. My lab ate through the bathroom door when she was a pup...in the time it took for me to take a shower.
  7. Super Shine Fire and Water out of Ridgway does a great job too!
  8. That picture of the Bible depicts faith, not religion. My faith can never be made modern nor old fashioned. It just is. That's the beauty of faith, you don't need religion to have it.
  9. We went to 4 different restaurants Friday night. All were packed with a wait for tables. At 2 of them there were large groups just hanging out, as Jeff described. One hostess apologized that they had no availability and weren't sure when the large table would be leaving as they had been cashed out for over 30 minutes. I let her know it certainly wasn't her fault! We'll have to remember to plan a little better and call for reservations next time. We ended up just grabbing a pizza and heading home.
  10. I have 2 friends that were local life long servers. Both have left the industry for all of the reasons you describe. One is actually making less money now than when she was serving but says it's worth it her to not have to put up with the constant harassment.
  11. She is beyond ridiculous. This BS truly does nothing to help with educating the undecided. It just creates anger and fear. I hope we see some respected medical officials speak out against such radical statements.
  12. I have not heard of any breakthrough cases, either. I have heard of a lot of cold/flu going around right now though. Ask for Lyme's test when you go to get the COVID one too. Lyme's has been really bad this year and those symptoms are all Lyme's symptoms too.
  13. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I don't understand your concerns. It's truly not what you think. You still can say no. You still can not answer your door. You still can have someone arrested for trespassing. No one is forcing anyone to get a vax. Period. It's only being offered. Even the poorest communities, people have access to phones. You're right about that. But how do they know where to call? No TV. No internet. Perhaps limited mobility making it difficult to get out of the house. That's where the door-to-door part comes in. Information, education,
  14. While there are NO PLANS for any kind of vaccine passport for COVID vax, again a vaccine passport isn't a new concept that Biden's team dreamed up. Countries requiring yellow fever vaccination for entry do so in accordance with the International Health Regulations. Yellow fever is currently the only disease for which proof of vaccination may be required for travelers as a condition of entry to a State Party under Annex 7 of the International Health Regulations (IHR). - https://www.who.int/ith/2016-ith-county-list.pdf Have any of you flown since COVID or traveled outside of the cou
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