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  1. I can only speak from experience, love underground lines, whole neighborhood looks great without lines and have seen no problems with ours or our neighbors...nothing dug up or replaced. Yes we live in the local area.
  2. Funny we have had buried lines for 45 years no problems. What protection do the ones that are not buried have from the elements????????????????
  3. So many prayers for Faith. I am sure she gets her strength from her two G's, God and Grandma Love your pictures and updates of her too! We will be praying for her and waiting to hear how she and you are all doing! Much love and prayers!
  4. Thanks for the update Bon! Many prayers for sweet Faith Marie and her parents and grandparents!
  5. I have had all of my shots for any of those (small pox, flu, shingles, pneumonia even all the new updated ones) illnesses so not worried about them at all. And wearing gloves to me is no different than not wearing gloves, just wash your hands much more frequently.
  6. My problem is not with the restaurant, it is the not knowing who is at the table near me or the ones I have to walk past or walk past my table. Let's say we get our area opened sooner than the rest of the state and other areas who are still closed and chomping at the bit to get out and come to our restaurants. Their area may have a much higher infection and death rate. We, people as a whole, are very social people and everyone wants to get out and enjoy our lives as we knew them. As sad as it is to say, "I guess I am afraid" and I have never been that way.
  7. NO! We normally ate out 1 meal a day before March 8th and now we may not go to a restaurant for months, maybe even a year. You as a restaurant may do everything you can to clean the tables and make sure the food is safe and the restrooms are clean, but you cannot say who comes into your restaurant will or will not have the virus.. We had brought anti-bacterial wipes with us to wipe the tables prior to this and now I wouldn't leave home without them. I am really sad about this and have always enjoyed the many good restaurants in the tri-county area.
  8. Way to go Super Baby Girl Faith!! Much love and continued prayers for you and your family!!
  9. So sorry for his family and for you also
  10. Sending much love and many prayers for adorable baby Faith
  11. Just want to say how beautiful Rumbarger Cemetery looks...had a cousin visit us last week who grew up in Du Bois during the 40's, 50's, and 60's...we were all so impressed on how lovely and peaceful it now looks...congratulations on all your hard work...you should be very proud!!! Thank you!
  12. until
    You are cordially invited to the Annual Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Yard Sale being held this Friday, June 20th from 9 am - 4:30 pm and Saturday, June 21st from 9 - Noon. It is located off of the Salem - Oklahoma Road, Du Bois. Hours of some households may vary based on individual owners' schedules.
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