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  1. Thank you to all who gave their time & ideas on the back pain question. I have listed the ideas and will take them to my doctor.
  2. I am in daily chronic back pain. Not service related so it is not a VA issue (I don't think). Has anyone had had something like this? A few years ago I began having occasional back pain after a day of lifting, carrying... building decks & sheds ... 2 X 8, 2X10 and so on. Now I am in constant pain in low center of back. Got Ibuprofen,& gabapentin from VA. Used to get relief. Also vodka gave relief ... now just get plastered and pain continues. Have physical therapy for 19 weeks ... still hurts. Has anyone used acupuncture? Is there some kind of under the skin electric gadget? I have seen ad for Penn Highlands Back & Spine clinic. Anyone been there? Replies appreciated! PM's OK, too.
  3. Here are the web sites where I get my daily news; Mostly not free but "ya get what ya pay for". Christian Science Monitor BBC Reuters Al Jazeera (with a grain of salt) Washington Times The Hill
  4. Is the Hazen Flea Market operating this year?
  5. Nice pics. Thank you.
  6. I usually wear a mask. Usually. I always carry concealed. ALWAYS. In case of trouble shoot well and shoot lots!
  7. As beef becomes more scarce, this problem may be resolved.
  8. So many numbers tossed around ... So many tested ... So many infected ... So many died .. All these numbers at state, national, international level???😯 I am wondering ... How many here? Is it possible ... without violating privacy ...to ask, how many folks here actually know FIRST HAND KNOW someone who is infected, tested,.sick??? Will there be more than Big Foot sightings? Oops. Sorry. 😬😇
  9. My dear wife came home from lunching with a friend of hers. She said that her friend will vote for Mr. Biden because he has such beautiful hair. Hmmmm? This same woman loved the Obama family because they had created a modern black Camelot. At a previous lunch meeting this friend asked my wife ,"what is a quid pro quo? Do they really matter?" This woman votes at every opportunity. Not exactly a policy wonk.
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