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    Trust ?

    This is a continuation of my earlier topic on trusting the election ... or maybe ... not: Why millions of US citizens no longer trust their government. Where did it begin? How did JFK win Chicago & West Virginia? The Warren Report (single bullet theory)? Could your deer rifle do that? "We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves." The Tonkin Gulf Incident report? The Light at the end of the (Viet Nam) tunnel? Attack on the US Navy ship Liberty? The secret plan to end the Vietnam War ...SECRET I did not have ----- with THAT woman! (blue dress anyone?) Wow... Clearly, I am old and these are the events that formed my opinion of my government. By the way... I am also a Veteran of both Vietnam and Desert Storm. Was not a watcher, was a participant. As I "proof read this, I wonder ... perhaps I am spending too much time indoors looking out the window. Ahhh! After looking at all of the above, I am sure ... This too shall pass. ???
  2. There are a couple neighborhood cats (feral??) who have decided that our tulip bed is an excellent toilet. Soil is soft and easily moved. Unfortunately, in the process they have dug up quite a few spring bulbs. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a remedy other than replanting in what has now become a septic field?
  3. I read the posting rules and i "think" this is not a violation. If it is in the wrong place, can someone move it, please. It is kinda long but I have a lot to say. If you have a better, idea, i am sure you will post it. I have no agenda except I wish the craziness would stop. As best as I can understand from people in my geographic area. A whole lot of folks believe that the electoral process has been compromised. They are convinced that the election was stolen. OK … Maybe yes, maybe no. By-the-way, how did JFK win in Chicago and in West Virginia … OK OK .. I digress. To bring calm back into the process in 2022 there needs to be fully vetted and above reproach poll watchers at *EVERY* polling place. Who do we have now? Lots of very nice folks who gather for coffee, cookies and local gossip. They are selected by local minor politicians who “like” someone or who want to pass some easy little bit of money to a “deserving” person. OK… Maybe they are on their toes… Not that I have seen. Next there needs to be an iron clad chain of custody for every ballot that is cast. Written and electronic chain of custody with the names of those responsible for the integrity of that custody. Any funny business AT ALL and the whole batch is tossed and the named individual is made to become very unhappy in one way or another. This should be serious business. The banks must treat our money this way. Ballots are valuable too. More highly trusted “Watchers” at the locations where the ballots are compiled and totaled. Any funny business there and a little jail time should ensue. Continue the security process to state level or national level as required. Only when we all are convinced that we won or lost fairly and honestly will all this madness be settled. Maybe Liberal or maybe Conservative or maybe (my mom was a Prohibitionist with the WCTU) but the election integrity needs to be restored.
  4. Hard to say. I have such a great sense of humor and find so many things to laugh at. The world is a funny place. Hint hint ha ha ha ha. Perhaps two of me is even funnier!
  5. Hmmm??? I don't know... if she went to jail for "... four years in jail for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” ... I just might support a law like that. My ex mom-in-law would be doning some time over at Loretto. ha ha ha
  6. I get several hunting related “e magazines” and I have lost track of where I read this. OR maybe it is a hallucination??? Several mid-western states are discussing the introduction of wolves into their prime hunting areas. The theory is that wolves will prey on the sick and weakened deer. Deer that are carrying CWD. Hopes are that CWD will be eliminated in this fashion. Anybody else seen this? Note! I am not advocating this nor condemning it. Just asking.
  7. Hello, A while back (pun intended) I posted here with questions regarding a constant back pain. After 20 sessions of Physical Therapy the MD decided that an MRI was needed. The MRI revealed "several" bulged discs and some minor degeneration of a vertebra. I now have an appointment with a "spine specialist" MD. My wife's friend said that she had this experience and was successfully treated with a device called a "decompression table". Does anyone have experience or knowledge of a similar situation? All replies will be appreciated. Thank you
  8. Thank you to all who gave their time & ideas on the back pain question. I have listed the ideas and will take them to my doctor.
  9. I am in daily chronic back pain. Not service related so it is not a VA issue (I don't think). Has anyone had had something like this? A few years ago I began having occasional back pain after a day of lifting, carrying... building decks & sheds ... 2 X 8, 2X10 and so on. Now I am in constant pain in low center of back. Got Ibuprofen,& gabapentin from VA. Used to get relief. Also vodka gave relief ... now just get plastered and pain continues. Have physical therapy for 19 weeks ... still hurts. Has anyone used acupuncture? Is there some kind of under the skin electric gadget? I have seen ad for Penn Highlands Back & Spine clinic. Anyone been there? Replies appreciated! PM's OK, too.
  10. Here are the web sites where I get my daily news; Mostly not free but "ya get what ya pay for". Christian Science Monitor BBC Reuters Al Jazeera (with a grain of salt) Washington Times The Hill
  11. Is the Hazen Flea Market operating this year?
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