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  1. Walmart huh? I guess BIG Lots would have been a pun too far.
  2. This item caused me to wonder >>> Whatever happened to the county employee who shot his neighbors cow with a shotgun? Did it get buried? Does he have a few pals who manipulated the charges?
  3. Got a couple last year. Someone buying cell phones to be delivered in Texas or Louisiana. Sent them to "Phishing". Stopped after that.
  4. I am very slow on the uptake for this. I am amazed that in this "not very good" economy that people would but over $5K into a slot machine. Maybe a one armed bandit but ??? something like a pinball machine? Is there no longer any respect for a dollar?
  5. I no longer have kids in school and no grandkids so I have no real "dog in this fight". But like many folks I do have an opinion or two. And no, I never served on a school board. Seems to me that service on a school board should be mandatory. It looks easy from the outside but balancing all the demands from budgets, unions, feeding programs, new age subjects... I'll bet this is one hellishly thankless nightmare. If parents were "drafted" by random choice and required to serve one school year there would be a lot less achromony.
  6. I looked at the "Weather Channel" on the day after Cruz returned. The temp in Houston was 50 to 60 degrees. I believe that after he returned his personality cast a warm glow all across Texas. More seriously, since he is a US senator, did he have any real power to change anything? If Dubois had a similar experience, could Sen Casey or Toomey add more voltage to Pelelec? This media faux outrage suggests to me why sensible people with all the credentials to go into public service would choose to go into private enterprise.
  7. Hmmm ??? I was a 14 year old boy once ... a long time ago ... If I write more on this subject I will get yelled at ;-D
  8. I think that it is time for the GOP to get a new publicity depertment. Also time to figure out what is driving the media to push so hard for all things Dem. I am a firm believer that "follow the money" is a great way to see who is pulling the strings. Even way back in Roman times there was a popular aphorism ... to answer question first determine "Who Benefits"? I am extremely curious what direction the GOP will go after all of this. If there were 74 million GOP voters, what changes need to be made to achieve 7 or 8 million mo4e voters? Sigh. The Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times!"
  9. Horse pulls? Tried the Facebook page but was not successful in seeing full schedule.
  10. I am SOOO glad that I am old. This stuff and sooo much else. I believe that if you are a person who was born in the late 40's or early 50's YOU HAVE LIVED IN THE LAST BEST YEARS OF THE USA!
  11. SgtRick417

    Trust ?

    This is a continuation of my earlier topic on trusting the election ... or maybe ... not: Why millions of US citizens no longer trust their government. Where did it begin? How did JFK win Chicago & West Virginia? The Warren Report (single bullet theory)? Could your deer rifle do that? "We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves." The Tonkin Gulf Incident report? The Light at the end of the (Viet Nam) tunnel? Attack on the US Navy ship Liberty? The secret plan to end the Vietnam War ...SECRET I did not have ----- with THAT woman! (blue dress anyone?) Wow... Clearly, I am old and these are the events that formed my opinion of my government. By the way... I am also a Veteran of both Vietnam and Desert Storm. Was not a watcher, was a participant. As I "proof read this, I wonder ... perhaps I am spending too much time indoors looking out the window. Ahhh! After looking at all of the above, I am sure ... This too shall pass. ???
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