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  1. Maybe they wrote it because he has or had a DuBois address. Shocker. Also has or had a Pittsburgh address, McKees Rocks, and Carnegie. Their "primary" residence is whatever address they put down to receive mail at. If he had it on his license, registration, used it to file the taxes, that is what the court and reporters are going to use. What's the issue with what address? It is currently prison so it is all moot now.
  2. Where do you see in the article posted any residence location? Actually why does does it matter where any of their residences are or were? They stole, they got caught. The only residence that matters now is what prison are we paying for? It does say they forfeited multiple residences and more.
  3. Everyone has different tastes. I am ok with that. A lot of pizza tastes that way to me. Doesn't mean I ever want to see a business go under because I don't personally like it.
  4. I'm sorry to see any local business go under. I don't like their pizza, never have. I always equated it to eating grease covered cardboard. Other people love it.
  5. I looked there when I was car shopping. They did not have what I wanted. I don't buy new, it's a waste of money. I cannot expect they will have exactly what I want in used.
  6. A Ford Dealership has an obligation to perform warranty work on ANY Ford product no matter where it was purchased. That is how you get and keep local and loyal customers.
  7. I called one time to set up an appointment for my car for a warranty issue. This was at least 5 or 6 years ago. They refused because my car wasn't purchased there. First I called Ford and lodged a complaint and they contacted another dealer for me. That is where my business went from then on.
  8. It's been a long time. I learned to skate when I was 3 or 4 and I was at the rink every night it was open every summer from then until I was 13. My Aunt and Uncle owned the roller rink in Columbus IN.
  9. It would hopefully be an improvement.
  10. Then she can pay all of the people she is telling to stay home. If she is vaccinated how is anyone impinging upon her living her life the way she wants? On the other hand she wants to impinge on others living their life the way they want to. She is the definition of a hypocrite.
  11. I understand stopping the shipments, but at the same time I'd love if they could let it go through and catch the people that it was destined for to begin with and charge them.
  12. McDonalds starts the 3rd shift at $13.50 per hour, it is $12 something for the other shifts. I noticed that Long John Silvers also has their dining room closed still. People not wanting to work is a part of the problem. Another issue is the increasing wages as employers are competing for employees. People are job hopping like crazy. It is not only the fast food industry that is having this issue.
  13. How much time has Wolf wasted? How much tax payer money has Wolf wasted? Maybe we should audit the budget and expense accounts of Wolf and all of his lackeys.
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