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  1. That wouldn't cover anything in this case. That covers a person in case they render aid and inadvertently inflict an injury to the person they are helping. It stops a person from suing civilly someone that rendered aid and caused them injury. Frankly, I'm all for some type of charges against those that see something like this happening and do nothing. I'm not saying they have to physically confront the individual, but they damn well can call 911 and report it. If it was recorded, that just speaks to level that many in our country have reached. Instead of dialing 3 numbers on t
  2. I don't fawn. I do watch the awards shows because of the performers they have during the awards. Sadly for many, that is all of the exposure they get to it.
  3. For many, like myself, it has nothing to do with the artist. It has to do with the art they create. That should be celebrated. Imagine a world with zero music, zero art, zero entertainment. If you want to live in that world, that is great. I do not. The artists that excel should be recognized for their excellence. They deserve to be recognized more than a politician. I don't care about their personal lives, or where they went to eat, or their shopping habits though.
  4. Ok. I can see that. I am not sentimental. I graduated from Clarion. I don't care what they call themselves now, as long as my diploma is still valid.
  5. I have to wonder about this particular scam. First, if you are certain you have no warrant you should know immediately it is a scam. Second, if you do have a warrant out for you, you were already stupid once...chances are the scammers know this and are taking advantage of the idiots. Third, if I were the police getting calls about these scams...the first thing I would do is run their names for warrants. Actually, maybe the police can take advantage of this...if they call the people with warrants and try this scam on them, they might get the information they need to pick the people up.
  6. You obviously did not have enough to acquire immunity to get it twice. Thanks, I'm not you, and I know my numbers. My doctor had my levels tested.
  7. Shingles is not chicken pox...it is a reactivation of the virus that causes chicken pox. Exactly the same as mono and epstein barr. And no shingles vax either, thanks.
  8. Funny...my natural immunity to chicken pox has not waned over time.
  9. It can make you more susceptible to contracting the flu by getting the vaccine. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that introducing anything foreign into the body for it to attack will make it more susceptible to contracting anything and everything at the time. The immune system is busy attacking that foreign invader.
  10. Tuesday or Wednesday...I'm pretty sure I'd notice which day my vehicle went missing.
  11. Very specific time frame should help narrow it down. Then again, I always go to the worse case scenario and wonder if a person sold their medical marijuana and then report it to cover their own ass.
  12. I have never been asked if I have gotten a flu shot. I was never asked if I had my children vaccinated for the Flu. Never once was it pushed on me at all. Currently, every single one of my doctors has asked me ONCE if I have had the Covid vaccine. I told them no. They didn't push it, they didn't offer it, they haven't brought it up again. If they had pushed it, they would have one less patient. By your logic, you are only lied to if you believe the lie. So if your child tells you they haven't been drinking, they are only lying to you if you believe what they tell you? That i
  13. Yes, please practice what you are preaching. Also, it was all over the media, I'm not doing the work for you. You want the info, go find it, it's not hard.
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