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  1. Instead of whining and bitching on a message board about things they know nothing about, why don't they ask investigators what is going on with the case? OMG, common sense! Ask someone who could answer them.
  2. No. The number of miles I drive is of no concern to the government. It is not information they need. They are going to face a lot of backlash over this one, especially the conspiracy theorists that will worry about being tracked.
  3. It says "in addition to current staff". Why would there be potential job loss?
  4. First, this post should be in the dictionary beside the word "moronic". Second. What makes YOU think YOU will see the fines? They don't post a big notice on the houses saying "YOU ARE FINED". They typically mail them to those they are going to fine. Third. You have zero idea the amount of time it takes ONE zoning officer to drive every residential street in the city, compile a list of non-compliant addresses, and then mail the fines to those that will get them. 6 days is a laughable timeline and unrealistic. Why don't YOU volunteer your time and help them out and compile a list
  5. Yes, for those that were laid off or had reduced hours, if they refuse to return to work it is being asked that it be reported. It also stated that there is a backlog of work and to only report the information ONE time. It may take them awhile.
  6. If you were comprehending what is being said you'd get it. You are just being obstinate and childish. If you don't like the laws fight to change them. Otherwise suck it up because YOUR interpretation doesn't mean squat about any law from jaywalking to murder. I hope you are NEVER are any jury because you will refuse to follow given instruction and are far from impartial.
  7. I don't care who it is. I don't care what they did. I don't celebrate one person taking another person's life. The moral compass of our society is in the toilet in part because we don't value life. That includes what the man did to the child. He didn't value that child's life. Doesn't mean he had to die by an alcoholic imbecile who used what the man did as an excuse for what he did. There is ZERO justifiable excuse for one person to murder another. Anyone who thinks that is ok is part of the problem in the world today.
  8. No he should be put to death, very painfully. Sorry, I don't care who it is, celebrating someone killing another person is not right.
  9. Unfortunately there are many that will pretend to have issues that are a very real threat to not only officers but others. It is also true that those with dementia/alzheimers can and do become extremely violent when they are confused. Size doesn't make a person less deadly. Size and age as well as behavior should have clued one of them in at some point. I wasn't there. I didn't see the footage, but I do know that not everything is as black and white as some people want to believe. Unfortunately, our police so often come across the deceivers or the violent ones that sometimes their training
  10. I knew a person a couple years ago charged with homicide by vehicle. She took a plea deal, charges were changed. She served exactly 1 year in state prison.
  11. Meth circle is a hell of a lot bigger than Clearfield
  12. He obviously wasn't trained in the reckless way he handled the situation. I only hope that I never have that idiot or another like him step up and do the stupid thing that puts everyone around them at risk. Stop and think if that man had a gun or knife and shot or stabbed your mother or your child because an idiot decided to try and intervene. You are on a high horse because the only side you see is the side you want to see. By the way...vigilante violence is not a lesson I want anyone lauding to my children. Thankfully they aren't around you to learn that lesson. You want to t
  13. You miss the point. It is stupid, idiotic, brainless etc. to step into a situation you are not TRAINED nor EQUIPPED to deal with. The dumbass punk doesn't need fame for his actions. The dumbass that stepped in doesn't need fame for his thoughtless actions either. Neither one of them had any regard for others. It is NOT store ap/lp jobs to handle the dumbasses of the world. It is their job to protect the assets of the store. Most stores don't have "security". They have asset protection or loss prevention persons. Step down off the high horse for a second and think about it from anot
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