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Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie


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Faith Marie needs prayers!!
You have seen that Faith has been sick off an on since the beginning of May
A virus that aggravated her gastritis and has caused issues with constipation 

Monday 6/10, 
Faith was very tired and slept throughout the day
I chalked it up to her just being through so mich that it caught up to her and she needed the rest yet all seemed well with the world


Tuesday 6/11
Faith woke up not feeling well , same thing, cd, clammy, high heart rate, no fever, but lethargic
I did all that needed done, monitored vitals gave meds, I did all that I knew I could do and was seemingly maintaining her at home

However when Deryk got home from work she seemed to just give in to whatever this is, increased heart rate, temp of 101F
We were getting things packed up to take her to Children's b
But then

Her oxygen levels dropped into the 50s% and she went unresponsive 
Which prompted us to call 911, (Thank You Bennets Valley Ambulance and DuSan)
She was taken to Penn Highlands where she was stabilized 
Then they life flighted her to Children's

So far since being here
- her oxygen is staying in the 90s 
-her heart rate was high...   
  160s,however has improved  
   to baseline today (6/13)
- her blood pressure was also 
   high until today, that has 
   also improved
- her temp finally improved 

6/13 She is still unwell 
They don't know yet what's happening or the cause
She's extremely fatigued, sleeping a lot
If she's moved or stimulated she gags and retches 
She has rashes that comes and goes 
Her stomach is tender
She has not had the coffee ground emesis as bad as last time although if we try to give her anything in her stomach she immediately rejects it with bile and bloody vomit

So here is where we are at...
This is what we know she DOESNT have
It's not a UTI
It's not a virus
- flu
- covid
- rsv 
- or any respiratory/stomach bug

It's not an infection her blood

As a matter of fact it's not any type of infection that we can tell

It's not her kidneys

It's not her gallbladder or the gallstones

It's not Lymes

It's not pancreatitis

So they did a IV contrast CT scan to check her stomach and intestines 
And it showed nothing 😔

My friends and family, please pray for OUR Faith, 🙏
We are thinking that the episodes that happened in May weren't viruses due to the fact that each episode had similar symptoms however each episode seems to worsen in some way 
It seems to be a flare up of something 
So I humbly ask for your prayers for our Faith, 
Pray to our Great Physician, our almighty God and Father that this test reveals the cause of what's making Faith sick and miserable and pray for these doctors and nurses here
They have been so engaged and involved and REALLY investigating and searching for answers 
Pray the answer reveals itself to them 
In Jesus' Mighty Name we pray together 🙏 

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4 hours ago, WMJ77 said:

do they think they know whats going on with her?....prayers all around:give_rose:

Today so far they are leaning towards migraines. But they aren’t 100% positive.

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On 6/16/2024 at 5:58 PM, WMJ77 said:

that's a pretty broad diagnosis poor thing , she just needs a nice break from it all for a change, but that smile helps!!


We found out she has had this since she was born. All those things that landed her in the hospital for a few days/week or surgeries are part of this Autonomic Dysfunction. Her everyday things; drooling, being hot all the time & sleeping all day, are just to name a few more things that are part of this AD.

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She is a beautiful child and I enjoy seeing her mother's posts on FB.  She has a wonderful family, too.  I enjoy keeping up with her progress and praying for her and her family.

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