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  1. Take the couch. At least at the moment, you'll get all of it. If you go for the divorce, you'll only end up with half.
  2. After reading the posts here, are you surprised by this?
  3. I don't know that they are going by death rate. It was just an observation based on the data available.
  4. I said the same thing earlier this week. But, the death rate differs greatly between then and now.
  5. But..... Insurance could become hurdle if PIAA OKs fall seasons Communicable and viral diseases are not covered under PIAA’s policy; this could play issue in school boards’ decisions The months-long saga over whether the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association will conduct fall sports should come to a defining moment Friday. The final say on which schools will compete this fall, however, might go on another week or two while individual school districts determine whether their athletes will compete. Now it appears liability and the PIAA’s insurance might become issues with school boards. The PIAA is set to meet on Friday at 3 p.m. via Zoom to take a final vote on whether to move forward with fall sports during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. All indications point toward a vote to approve fall sports after PIAA Executive Director Bob Lombardi told the Pennsylvania Senate’s Athletic Oversight Committee on Tuesday, “We would like to move forward with sports.” Gov. Tom Wolf stated several times over the past few weeks that he strongly recommends no K-12 sports or recreational sports in Pennsylvania through the rest of 2020. He said it’ll be up to the school districts whether they want to play, and he went as far as to say, “Do what you want” in reference to the districts. School districts throughout the state were required by the PIAA to develop safety plans so coaches and athletes could adhere to guidance provided by the state government during the preseason. Many fall sports teams have been holding voluntary conditioning or practicing sessions since July. There have been cases of athletes testing positive and school districts shutting down athletic facilities to prevent spread of the virus. The situation might not be as simple as the PIAA approving fall sports and individual school boards doing the same next week, though. The question of liability and insurance has been raised recently. The PIAA has an insurance policy for all schools, and it is paid for by the schools’ dues to the PIAA. (There's more included here...) https://www.goerie.com/sports/20200819/insurance-could-become-hurdle-if-piaa-oks-fall-seasons
  6. I caught your other one before I saw this but, if you don't believe the RFID, you should certainly have doubts about the rest as well. Soros is 89. That would have made him 14 in 1945. Even if you push that ahead a couple years, how likely do you really think that a 16 or 17 year old would have had the leverage to sell off the assets of a company - dissolved or not? I also can't find anything, other than this, connecting Soros remotely to Moderna. I'm sure somewhere in his vast stock portfolio he holds some shares but if he rebranded a company I'm sure it would have been mentioned somewhere - especially when it was apparently started in 2010. Seems to be a long wait. Also, Gates didn't graduate from Cornell nor did he attend it...he went to Harvard before dropping out to form Microsoft with Paul Allen. I'd think that whoever is coming up with this would at least put in their due diligence before throwing it out there. It took me less than five minutes to kick the legs out from under it by looking up how old Soros was and when Moderna was founded. The Gates stuff I already knew.
  7. Try their Twitter page. They post new numbers every day around noon. You'll have to scroll to find them but it has new daily numbers and another link which will give you a percentage of recovered. It doesn't list the actual number for those, though. https://twitter.com/PAHealthDept?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  8. Then perhaps you may happen to know the one it happened to. But, it's the SAME STORY, written the same way each time. No changes, no deviation. If it altered by a single variable i.e. my mother called and the kids were sick so I had to leave, it would be entirely different. As it is, in the times I've seen it claimed, it's 5-for-5 on the details.
  9. I've gotta tell you I've seen this same story so many times now that I'm calling B.S. Seen it claimed to "a couple" in New York, Florida, California, Arizona and now Texas. It wouldn't be surprising but, the story is EXACTLY the same each time. Couple goes for testing, found out the line was hours long, left early without getting test, got a call about being positive. This has the makings of something that likely happened but is quickly turning into an internet aberration. Everyone seems to know someone that knows someone that it happened to.
  10. I'm pretty sure that the available information already showed that to be the case. The real question is whether they actually thought they could get it under control or if they did it to hoard as many items as they could before it appeared elsewhere around the world.
  11. This is true but, I think their main concern is that it may follow the same path as the Spanish Flu. The first wave there was much similar to what we're seeing now - flu-like symptoms, fairly low death rates, etc. However, when it mutated during the second wave, it simply cut a swath through everyone. It didn't matter if they were in those high-risk groups or not. The big question, I think, is whether or not the COVID strain has the ability to infect more than once and, if so, the idea of herd immunity becomes moot. There seems to be a lot that they either A) don't know or B) refuse to acknowledge to the general public. So, should we all catch it so it can go away? Or won't it matter?
  12. It was always coming. The only thing that the masks and other mitigation efforts were designed to do was slow the spread so that the amount of cases didn't overwhelm hospitals. They were never intended to eradicate it. The powers that be seem to have forgotten that and now have seemingly convinced themselves that they can use those measures to actually stop it.
  13. Attempted murder. They're saving the terrorist tag for "cropdusters" in public areas.
  14. But, just think. This is your big chance. It may be the last time you'll ever be able to wear a mask into a store and not walk out in handcuffs.
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