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  1. I certainly hope this idiot cleans up well as I certainly wouldn't remain a customer at any bank with that mug greeting me! Man .... You just cant trust anyone around anywhere anymore ...
  2. Precisely. They beat Wal Mart to the concept years before people knew what Wal Mart was.
  3. Penn Traffic sold Sani-Dairy for 25 million cash. That was about the time at of their first of three bankruptcies. That's also during the days of Gary Hirsh and his cronies destroying the company to pad their wallets. Dean bought Sani-Dairy specifically to shut it down.
  4. Try once pouring it into a Gallikers jug and see if they notice. I wonder if they would.
  5. Thus is what happens when you cater 100% to those in need of a "safe space". Virginia of all places.
  6. Of course it's a joke! She's 90 now and not doing well.
  7. Titan


    Power was cut to remove a tree already hanging on a line from last week.
  8. Wacky Wafers, Kit Kats, Marathon Mans, Snickers, Rain-Blo gum, Candy Necklaces, and Candy Cigarettes!
  9. ??? Update above indicates she was found safe. Is there more that you know?
  10. Well they pretty much blew their chances for that! At 99 years old she could have been present at as many as 4 out their 5 Championship World Series final winning games. -She was 5 in 1925 -She was 40 in 1960 -She was 51 in 1971 -And her last chance was when she was 59 in 1979. She probably has a better chance at being alive for their next one than they do being in one ever again !!!
  11. Nice story. Just wondering what took the family so long to include her in going to a game. She's 99 !!!
  12. Titan

    Giant Eagle

    All you need right here. Note that the year PT started as a business was in 1854! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penn_Traffic
  13. Titan

    Giant Eagle

    You're hopeful for local job losses?
  14. Maybe wiped out before both he and bike slid into/under the car ???
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