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  1. Titan

    Mall Update

    ZERO chance there.
  2. Not sure if that's a stock photo of the storefront, but it sure seems odd to put up a Store Closing banner a full 10.5 months before the actual closing. In my experience those banners don't go up until after the final truck delivery arrives.
  3. Titan

    Mall Update

    While far from perfect .... I agree there should be at LEAST that as competition to drive more traffic. There's nowhere new around here to try at all.
  4. Titan

    Mall Update

    Disagree! We need a truly fine steakhouse like a Texas Roadhouse to draw people in. Unfortunately we don't have the population or traffic to support it .... so we're stuck with what little we have. You'd at least think a town this size with supporting communities would have at least one big name buffet, or just any buffet at all.
  5. Been there. Will be again. It really is great pizza and everything else.
  6. Wow .... This is like Carrie in real life!
  7. What a dumb fluff article. It even states that no known crime has ever been connected to "stick figure stickers" any or even any bumper sticker for that matter. I'm willing to bet far FEWER crimes have been committed due to one having an NRA membership sticker on their car. We'll never see an article based on that. It sure is easy to see the persuasion of article writers anymore.
  8. Titan

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Maybe you're right. I remember a friend making a quip as to why he was in Wendy's during that time and he said he was waiting for the roof to collapse. We were probably in Wendy's because of the McDonald's roof collapse What year was that? I'm thinking 1983.
  9. Titan

    Old sub shops in dubois

    hmmmm ... Maybe both had a collapse? I specifically remember the Wendy's collapse as it was closed for weeks. Or maybe my mind isn't as it once was.
  10. Titan

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Winky's was right next to McDonalds on the boulevard. It later became Mister Donut. Wendy's was originally on the boulevard where the car wash is now. When Raxx went out, Wendy's moved to that current location. Remember when the roof partially collapsed at the boulevard Wendys?
  11. Article reads that the term was previously registered to another party that did not renew. I'm curious as to who had it registered before as the article doesn't say. I would guess the other entity was allowing the school to use the term all this time as there was no mention of trademark infringement over the past 60 some years. Interesting ....
  12. Titan


    Yes ... Hooligan's. It was a regular bar/lounge that tried a number of under 21 nights near their eventual end and final closing. They had some good band entertainment there at times.
  13. Titan


    It's been a full day and I'm wondering why this earthquake hasn't been on the news cycles. I've seen nothing on this at all. Isn't that strange?
  14. Still not getting your post. Food for thought ??? I said I was all for rehab in prison so long as they remain in prison. Her sentence was life with no parole for good reason. Personally I believe she should have been sentenced to death. Why do you ask, and why would I entertain the idea of having her live with me ???
  15. I dont believe you read my post correctly.