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  1. That just tells me that Allegheny county decided to accommodate their mass of stupid people. They must be keeping enough staff onboard to ensure an emergency call doesn't have to wait on a missed trash pickup. Amazing.
  2. How on earth did people around us become so stupid so to call 911 for something like this?
  3. WTH ??? Lay down for a tattoo while you wait for your pie? What are they doing in this place?
  4. Amazon is currently shutting down vendors that appear to be price gouging during this now declared national emergency. Ebay is sure to follow.
  5. I certainly hope the DuBois JCP stays open for a long time, and odds are if there's only 6 closures coming soon they wont be on that list. I'm curious how the checkout person knows for sure.
  6. Why is her being pregnant have any role in this story, much less the headline?
  7. These people are fighting a losing battle. Centralia ......
  8. I remember about 45 years ago when they were scouting the Troutville area for a corridor for 219 for a four lane. I think they were seeking several corridor paths back then ..... each named by letters A thru E. Anyone else remember this?
  9. Yes .... Springville, NY is what I meant to write as that is where the four lane picks back up. A corridor from Carrolltown, PA to Springville, NY.
  10. When they finally commit to establishing a corridor for a 219 four lane connecting Carrolltown, PA to Springfield, NY, I'll be interested.
  11. Interesting take. Looked it up and learned it's not new at all, but the China outbreak is highly concerning. https://www.thestreet.com/lifestyle/health/what-is-the-coronavirus
  12. I believe Cameron in Reynoldsville retooled for WWII. I've heard it was secretive what they were making at the time.
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