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  1. I'm already tired of all this losing !!!
  2. High gas prices. Nice start. Will be easy to keep score. Return of the swamp ...
  3. I dined in at a restaurant today. There were many people there and it was refreshing to be able to do so. Bravo to the restaurants staying open. I respect the owners choosing to do so even though Covid will no longer be in restaurants as of 12am on January 4th. I wonder how PA government officials know it erradicates from just the restaurants on that date and time?
  4. I agree ..... I'd really like to experience "the pitch" in order to evaluate how people fall for it. There's got to be something more to the presentation than just "You may have already won" !!!
  5. Well I certainly have seen many customers maskless while I've been in Walmart. I'm curious as to what their criteria is for selecting which customers to prosecute. I've never seen them chase the maskless patrons ....
  6. Have to wonder why they focused on this guy when I bet there were other customers not wearing a mask at the same time. Now they've done it to themselves at Walmart.
  7. Sounds like a fine educator with a long and deep involvement with the community. Even though I wasn't aware of the details of his contributions, I have always assumed he was known as a great man to have been honored with the stadium name. Gone are the days where honor and commitment may be rewarded in this manner. Its only for those that pony up mucho denerio. Again, I find it pretentious and arrogant for any business to enter a new community this way. I've also heard that Next Tier is low-balling their salary offers to applicants. I guess you get what you pay for is, and will be, the lesson learned. I hope we re-name it Mansell again once they exit the community.
  8. And now due to an apparent back room deal (not discussed publicly) his associated name will be erased. Nice ..... Real nice.
  9. I thought they remodeled the former Osburn's garage. They're not in the S&T office where the Colonial restaurant once was right? That's what it sounds like you're saying. Maybe they do want to support the new community they're in and there's many ways to promote good will. Their risk here is in offending many by renaming a well known and loved stadium in a small community before even opening their doors and being welcomed. Since when does the new kid in town assume bragging rights to something they know nothing about? Seems pretentious and arrogant to me ....
  10. Both the new Bee Line and Punxsy Sheetz stores have ethanol free gas.
  11. Tyrone hospital has 25 beds? Really? I never realized their population was so little. (5,200)
  12. Need extra air ??? Air conditioning ???
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