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  1. There was one in Punxsy recently ...
  2. So did she just keep on going to a different destination or was she lost? At that age it could be either scenario depending of course ....
  3. Oh please .... People that wear masks get it too. Learn to live with the fact it may or may not happen to you no matter what you do.
  4. What a great name for a thief ... I bet he comes from a long line of Finks !!!
  5. ???? That was designed to keep them from bowing to any political pressure or be subject to courting public opinion to win a re-election. They are to interpret the law as written by Congress. The nomination and approval process was designed to approve a candidate for life or when they decide to retire. They are not to legislate from the bench, only interpret the actual law as written with a decision where the majority rules within their branch. Its an ingenious system.
  6. Agree to disagree. However, what checks and balances would apply after approval ??? Approval is approval. What comes after approval once they're actually already a Justice?
  7. What are you talking about there being no checks and balances? The Senate needs to approve. That's the check and balance. Again, because it doesn't fit your narrative it's subject to your proposal? Wow ..... just wow. If Hillary had won four years ago there wouldn't be this outrage ... at least not from me as I accept that the circumstances about the nomination and confirmation would be REPRESENTATIVE of the sitting President with a Senate duly elected by the people from each state. The system was carefully crafted by people far smarter than us. It really doesn't matter since Trump will win handily again. What "proposal" will you present then ??? This is nonsense. He is the President and he has the right to nominate NOW. Just as Hillary would had she won. Quit interpreting the Constitution to serve your interests.
  8. That is true .... but you're looking to limit the powers of a particular branch because of convenience and present circumstances. Again, if you get your way .... which other powers do you think should end at the 6 month mark before the end of a term?
  9. The President is not a King that appoints a Justice. The Senate needs to confirm or another nomination needs to be considered. That's the check and balance in place. If it can sail because the Senate is mostly one party and votes to confirm, then the system worked as designed. If the Senate is composed of an opposing party and they vote not to confirm, then the system worked as designed. There's really no reason to discuss what the founders already carefully considered.
  10. The founders specifically designed the justice position to have no term limits for a reason. They also designed the Presidential term as 4 years. Why do you feel the need to "address" this? What other limited powers do YOU want to suggest a President no longer retain at the 3.5 year mark?
  11. Maybe he inherited the home of his parents and he isn't into guns, but his father was.
  12. Is this even in the United States??? If it is she's either driving a mail truck (I doubt it) or its a reverse angle camera shot. She appears to be driving from the opposite side in the car. Oh ..... and by the way ..... she's a lunatic.
  13. Titan

    Emmy Awards

    Nope .... Those people are unimportant on all levels to me.
  14. While I agree with their decision, I fail to see this as newsworthy on all levels. It a piece designed by the author to continue and further divide the camps on this issue. Its a shortcut to thinking.
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