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  1. Say what they will .... but I always hear of people strangely getting the flu within a week or so of receiving their flu shot. Maybe all the antibodies in those shots aren't really dead.
  2. Words can't begin to describe the astounding level of God given talent he possessed, or how nice of a person he always was to others. It's a very sad day indeed.
  3. Maybe this better explains usage ... https://www.businessinsider.com/how-many-people-can-watch-hulu-at-once
  4. https://www.hulu.com/live-tv I don't know. At the bottom of their home page is pretty clear. .
  5. Correct. But that requires an additional 15 dollar fee per month to your channel selection.
  6. So will smoking under the age of 21 be unlawful? Will it be illegal to purchase for underagers? What good is this if smoking under 21 is permitted? At best people will become lifelong smokers a little bit older than before. I don't smoke .... never have .... but this won't curb smoking. They won't ever make it illegal because they'd lose WAY too much in tax revenue.
  7. I believe their sales will take a hit. They gave themselves 5 years to change their minds on this. Makes for good PR, but the reality is that MOST people will not be interested in bringing in their own bags or having to pay extra for what once was perceived as free. People want service at lowest cost. Why don't they just go back to providing paper bags for free? Paper bags always held more and don't pollute the same way as plastic. All the food retailers from the past provided paper bags at no additional cost and some like Penn Traffic/Riverside went even further and used to actually take your cart outside for you and load your car with your purchases. That was service. Man I miss those days.
  8. String them up and force prison time. I don't want savage people like them around me or my family. I seriously want prison time served for this.
  9. Okay .... Then why aren't there laws to save the children from themselves? Why isn't there a law against underage smoking? There's certainly a law about underage drinking right? I don't understand all the teenage smoking. It was well proven to be a health hazard 40 years ago. Youd think there would be less, but there's not.
  10. Until they decide to actually do something about those who smoke or use tobacco under the age allowed to purchase, then what's the purpose? They love to prosecute any one that sells, (and even take the time to shop around under age teens to bust convenience stores), but do absolutely nothing about the under age user. Plain stupidity.
  11. I certainly hope this idiot cleans up well as I certainly wouldn't remain a customer at any bank with that mug greeting me! Man .... You just cant trust anyone around anywhere anymore ...
  12. Precisely. They beat Wal Mart to the concept years before people knew what Wal Mart was.
  13. Penn Traffic sold Sani-Dairy for 25 million cash. That was about the time at of their first of three bankruptcies. That's also during the days of Gary Hirsh and his cronies destroying the company to pad their wallets. Dean bought Sani-Dairy specifically to shut it down.
  14. Try once pouring it into a Gallikers jug and see if they notice. I wonder if they would.
  15. Thus is what happens when you cater 100% to those in need of a "safe space". Virginia of all places.
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