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  1. "The criminal was released because of the pandemic" No .... the criminal was released because of irresponsible governor behavior. The left is WEAK.
  2. Everyone's either going to get this at some point and either live or die. The masks were and are a hopeful attempt to flatten the curve so everyone doesn't get it at the same time. Politically the governors are using this pandemic as a tool to destroy the economy in an effort to oust Trump. It won't work. Ever notice that "Pan-dem-ic" is nothing more than a dem inside panic???
  3. The Civil war was a war between brothers. One nation nearly divided forever. It wasn't all about slavery. Their were great leaders on both sides. We keep this front and center for a good reason. The statues on both sides of the civil war make us think. Isn't that what a teacher ultimately wants from their students? We need to drop this already.
  4. What a bunch of serious crap this whole thing has become. ENOUGH ALREADY !!!
  5. They may do what other banks do and leave a "smart" ATM in what's left of the building.
  6. Hard to believe he was just 85. He looked much older than just 50 or so when he played the grandpa on "Our House".
  7. Titan


    Yes ... but one visit to the job site and this meets no ones remodeling definition in the real world.
  8. Titan


    This isn't a remodel. They're tearing it down to build a new store just like what's happening in Punxsutawney. New one will include seating and alcohol sales.
  9. To keep Lord El Duce Wolf from shutting them down ...
  10. Wolf is incompetent and destined to be regarded as the worst governor in Pennsylvania history. He is anti small business at this point and is clearly demonstrating his inability to lead or govern in any capacity. I'm ashamed of his performance.
  11. You don't think this virus can float from one table area into another? You're in danger ANYWHERE you go
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