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  1. So if Grandpa's wishes were to be flushed and someone in the family didn't like it, they would be charged? Why are people allowed to split up ashes among the family? That sounds offensive to me. If I'm allowed ashes on the shelf, why can't I bring Dad home and sit him at the table? Ashes aren't a corpse. People should not be allowed to obtain them after cremation. Just my opinion since I find cremation wrong.
  2. It would be disrespect if the deceased were sprinkled where they did not want to spread. There are people that would say take me home and flush me. We"re not permitted to take a body home after a funeral, so why are we allowed to put Grandpa on a shelf? It's no longer a corpse after cremation. Pure and simple.
  3. Good job! Isn't it supposed to be spelled "sergeant "???
  4. Found this video that demonstrates the capacity of a grinder as described in the article. Interestingly enough there doesn't seem to be the safeguards one might expect from such a dangerous machine.
  5. https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/jill-greninger-dies-falling-into-meat-grinder-at-economy-locker-storage-co-in-pennsylvania/news-story/04c2e41be8f6bf3733d2e4334f841a5c
  6. This article explains in more detail ... https://www.newsweek.com/pennsylvania-muncy-township-meat-grinder-death-economy-locker-storage-company-1403285
  7. She may have been in the grinder room working alone at the time of the incident. I wouldn't think of that as uncommon. I doubt she was alone in the plant if that's what you're asking.
  8. While this was 10 years after their best work, it was pretty popular around 1986. Do you like this?
  9. Try listening to the studio version of "Song For America" or "The Wall" or Miracles Out of Nowhere ". Very complex time signatures and well crafted multi-level song writing. They were on a higher level than all the rest. They are musicians for musicians.
  10. While their library holds far more talented works, you've never heard "Carry On Wayward Son" or even "Dust in the Wind"?
  11. While not the entire original line up, you can't find a more class rock prog group than Kansas. They redefined rock n roll to the highest level. One can't thumbs down Kansas on general principle !!!
  12. I guess they can risk their life if they like ... I'm betting it will less packed with out of towners after this 2nd gun fire incident. I've been there only a few times. I'll never go back.
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