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  1. He must of been a tough nut to crack. I t sounds like multiple detectives knew he was responsible ever since he was 12 and they couldn't break him. They break hardened criminals with their tactics all the time otherwise. This kid knew how to work them. Interesting that he will serve time now, as I'm sure he wouldn't have then.
  2. He doesn't even know where he is over half the time! I'm ashamed of our President and even more embarrassed of what we've become since January. There are 2nd graders that could have presented a better press conference than that tired old decrepit puppet.
  3. So he pulled over the operator and called the police to come. What did he think would happen next?
  4. Absolutely agree. Official or not, I would never willingly enter my full social security number into a site with that disclaimer.
  5. Man I wish every one of his actual voters would watch that video. Creepy for sure. I wouldn't let him be alone, or even be in the room with my child ever.
  6. So I started reading this and became bored suddenly. Then I scrolled down further to see that the article is incredibly long. Then I scrolled back to the top and learned the article is over a half year old! Why are you posting this nearly nine months after it appeared?
  7. This is great ..... I just went back to look a bit more close and I laughed out loud even harder this time. What world am I living in !!!!! Good God ......
  8. I actually laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of that photo. The great reset is taking hold folks ...
  9. Someone has to post a pic of this now .......
  10. Time to get back to the late 60's / 70's Jeeps.
  11. I hope they're syrup sales completely tank for falling for all this politically correct crap. What world am I in anymore ???
  12. Short clip on how children have no worries. So why are schools still closed? He's simply incompetent.
  13. Leave it to the AP to make it a political hit piece.
  14. So what did happen? Was she hit on? Threatened? Coerced? Was there physical contact? I'd like to know the level of crime committed.
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