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  1. How dumb is ito keep 57k not in a bank? None of my businesses have more then $150 in petty cash. The rest is in the bank!
  2. JimmyPete


    The debate was no different than DuBois and Sandy
  3. CYS should be charge with neglect and murder. They knew from a on going case! This life could have been easily saved
  4. Just like DuBois and Sandy lol
  5. I don't know I've only stop there a few times when working on in that area for the subs... I
  6. I just miss the local stores like the one in Luthersburg Henry's? and the one in Grampian sholes that was burnt down... That offered more better local service. I'm not a fan of DG.... Only good thing is the hire local people.
  7. If we got attacked would we wait till the next president?
  8. I wonder if the hairdresser scissors was adjusted?
  9. Takes my guy about 20 min a reel..... About a few times a year. When I touch them up takes me about 10 min. Well I've worked on golf courses, ball fields, had my own landscape company...... Worked in Georgia and Virgina and NC putting in turf for ball fields. So I have facts and experience over you. That's how they get those nice stripes in stadiums with razor sharp reels with rollers.
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