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  1. JimmyPete

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    I think it would be hard to find out anything now. I have a few thoughts. 1. Did they capture to send him on a secret mission over seas? 2. He his being held and interrogated in a maximum Federal prison. 3. Jesse Porter not his real name and is in witness protection for he witnessed a major Federal crime. He's real name is David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs GA (you country music fans should get this) lol 4. Some secret boarder mission with the caravan coming. 5. Or he's got Intel Hillary and Obama and Trump.
  2. JimmyPete

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    CIA, FBI, AND HLS. This should get good. I feel like this is a TV show unfolding on go DuBois. Who knows maybe they'll call Steve to take down the post if it's really juciy.
  3. JimmyPete


    Are you from Jefferson county? How did you get acorss the border? Lol.
  4. JimmyPete


    The existing manholes should be at the same grade. It's not good to put layers and layers on a road. Did they will it down far enough before paving?
  5. JimmyPete

    mega winner

    Lfg going to make Do Boys great again.
  6. JimmyPete

    DuBois Streets

    The South has much better roads but you think the northern states by now would have a much better plan in place for fixing roads since they take a beating in the winter. I know it would be higher taxes in the courupt state but. If we all want better roads all of us would have to grin and bear it.
  7. JimmyPete

    DuBois Sears Closing

    I also think website's are going to go slowly down. I can buy most of my name brand stuff from Amazon without going to each manufacturers website. This is my online shopping priorities. Amazon Target Lowe's and home Depot. Select hardware items from Ace (going to store) Walmart online. Any others special items I'll travel before I look online if not on Amazon. And others. Most of my buying is by price then service.
  8. JimmyPete

    Ashley HomeStore To Open At DuBois Mall

    We have a bedroom set that we like it is decent quality but has more solid woods parts then other places you can get furniture. So the bedrooms sets there are not to bad but just had to look and do your homework We went back few years later for a couch, their couches don't seem that they would hold up well. So we went to Macy's. So far it has been good. Had to get a chance uhaul and get it in Pittsburgh but it was okay. We tried buying local but we got a deal.
  9. JimmyPete

    Ashley HomeStore To Open At DuBois Mall

    I hope it works out well but I personally never been a fan of Ashley home furniture. Plus I'm not sure that many people around here can afford it.
  10. JimmyPete

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    If I was a college kid, I would have consent forms for the dirty. "Please check that all apply for activities listed below". Or create a consent app!
  11. JimmyPete

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    If they did this then everyone would be on edge.
  12. JimmyPete

    Gas Mileage

    Make sure to put winter air in your tires!
  13. JimmyPete

    Dog obstacle course

    What a waste of money
  14. But if this was a guy teacher he would be called sick and perverted etc more so then this woman. Since this is a woman my thought was yeah she shouldn't have done it but she did but what ever she's cute looking. It should be the same thought no matter who did it. I wonder if she has to be a Megan law offender.
  15. JimmyPete

    What's In A Kiss ?

    So wonder we all talk funny up here.