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  1. I posted this as a joke to see who would fall for it. I copy and pasted it from a friend I saw from Facebook and I changed the last name as well to see if anyone notice it. The poster on FB had the correct spelling.
  2. Ryan Seacrest Replaced for New Year's Eve Program By ABC Newsroom November10, 6:47 PM EST Producers at ABC have announced that after numerous meetings that Ryan Seacrest will be replaced by Barbara Waters for the New Year's Eve Program. The reason for the change will allow her to say " I am Barbara Waters, and this is 2020". Producers hope that this will gain additional viewers and ratings for the network.
  3. I really liked both Shaw and Sayers. But I hope Sayers will do really well! I really have nothing against Shaw and is record. It was a hard one for me but I voted for Sayers. I like to see what younger folks can bring to the table.
  4. Think he's truck payment would be cheaper. But then again the prices of trucks these days are more then his bail.
  5. Aren't we really back on "real time"? Isn't daylight savings time when we spring ahead?
  6. JimmyPete


    Y'all just need to suck it up buttercups! Or get a chip you chocolate chips! Growing up, we never ever had Halloween in November. Hot, cold, rain or shine snow we still went out. There was no need to cancel Halloween.
  7. So a mentally unstable patient assault a nurse while being treated. What she did was wrong but if she was under medicine for mental health, how could be she charged, if it effects her thinking?
  8. The Russians took it. Gave some to the Hillary to cover their affairs, and what was left Putin spent it hookers in one of Trump hotel's. And that hookers were Pelosi and Warren.
  9. I wonder how they tested for guy residue on her hands? Think they did it the day it happened?
  10. The new making a murderer or making a suicide🤷‍♂️
  11. If he had a loaded gun then you could use that argument.... hopefully he was shot in the front. I would never shoot at a person running away from me.
  12. That's interesting because they after building a new HQ in Atlanta Georgia and moving from VA
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