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  1. Maybe they have the same doctor
  2. They had to plan this
  3. No I was just asking if the school broke and the hospital broke HIPPA laws since they are not family. And if so, did they have a warrant?
  4. I wonder since they contacted the hospital about minors if they broke the HIPPA law?
  5. JimmyPete

    Mall Update

  6. JimmyPete

    Mall Update

    I'll give them a quarter to call someone who cares
  7. Well in this state it be a tax if you just think of it!
  8. Next they will be collecting tax from teenagers who cut grass
  9. JimmyPete

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    I'm glad that I got out of DuBois for a time period. I was able to live ina major City and did alot with my work and businesses. It's nice to be back here the last few years but nothing has really changed for job and economy wise. I think the schools in the area are good but i do think DASD has gone down here just a little. . But still overall good. I do think a county School system would be better..... It works really well in the South from the school my kids attend.
  10. JimmyPete

    can someone tell me what this is?

    Well could be worse like the other thread involving something else with the mouth.
  11. JimmyPete

    Wondering about Tipping!

    I tip my Barber $10 each trip I I know it a lot but they are always on their feet and up in arms so I'm sure it's a tiring job if you're busy all day standing and cutting hair
  12. JimmyPete

    Wondering about Tipping!

    Let's change the change! I agree I like the coins first. because I have to fumble trying to get the coins in my pocket then the bills. It's definitely easier when the coins are first so you can put your bills away and and coins in another place. But I usually put the coins in the cup holder to pay people for their road rage
  13. JimmyPete

    Wondering about Tipping!

    Picking up food I try and tip about 1 to 3 bucks depends how much the good and stuff since they pack it up and stuff.
  14. Maybe it's time for Steve to open a adult forum lol. But then probably not a good idea it will give a whole new meaning to goDuBois
  15. She was just taking care of his headache he had