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  1. I think of they have a good attorney they could be found not guilty.... Especially if the police was in the wrong. They can record us with dash and body cams but we can't record them?
  2. JimmyPete

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Where is the other two?
  3. JimmyPete


    I don't think it would be profitable with cost of fuel, maintenance and repairs plus labor for the driver.
  4. JimmyPete


    The younger generation doesn't want to drive that much any more. When I lived in cities it was nice to take public transportation and not have the stress of driving or just sitting and relaxing. When I'm here I do like to drive around for fun but when I'm on business be I like to take transportation for convenience. But there is a probably a need for better public transportation around here but the downside is not profitable..... Yet. But it's is a lot cheaper here then elsewhere. I'm saving tons on money besides taxes lol. Although I would be paying less taxes in the South. I pay more then twice as much as I did when I lived in Atlanta. If I could live here and pay my taxes there it would be great!
  5. JimmyPete


    If DuBois and Sandy two would merge and really cooperate to bring in business and more nightlife for the younger generation to come and stay here. They are doing nothing to attract or retain young professionals. Plus without more fun nightlife and other events it's hard to do Uber or taxi. Yes it would be nice but like someone said there's not enough suppy and demand. I think you could make urber kind of work by working with the airport, and hotels around the area to advertise.
  6. JimmyPete

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Sides in clearfield is still good!
  7. JimmyPete

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Original hogie had the best steak subs!
  8. I wonder why they left out the name change of the women from curwensville
  9. JimmyPete

    Did you know

    Did you know if you deleted your cookies and history you can read the CE online? I can't believe they only give you 3 clicks to read the news on there. You can reset it by deleting your history.
  10. That could have been on hot dog!
  11. Not to Bright of a guy. How did it think he was going to get away with it? I mean they have cameras at gas stations now and they can tell who had the card especially using another members pin or driver ID for the gas cards. My gas cards are matched to each vehicle and you have to put the milage in so you can keep track of it.
  12. JimmyPete

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    What's the rumor?
  13. JimmyPete

    Planes Circling DuBois

    Good idea but I think the run way it's too short....... But I could be wrong
  14. JimmyPete

    Planes Circling DuBois

    It's really DuBois Sandy Twp War Games. Fighting for air since they like to fight about water and crap.
  15. JimmyPete

    $409 Bicycle pump

    That's some inflation