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  1. JimmyPete


    That could be the new name of town since we'll never get one.
  2. If they have Legal custody then he should stay there. Plus I don't think legally a HOA can kick out a minor.
  3. Well my friend who is gay told me he decided to be gay.... Some people might be born gay, some might choose. It doesn't make a difference
  4. Now I am a very traditional Christian, but even I agree this is out of line. Even if she was gay it's still not acceptable. I believe it's wrong to be gay, (that how I view my faith) but I'll support and respect their choice. They need to have rights just like us, blacks. It's between them a God to figure out, why should I get in the way just because I don't agree with it?
  5. JimmyPete


    Who cares? I lived in Georgia for 15 years. They had county everything! It was nice. Plus lot less taxes as well! I would really like to see the county thing happen here. But if you lived in the corperated cities, you did pay higher taxes most places like DuBois.
  6. JimmyPete


    And that is why I moved out of the area a long time ago. I don't blame folks for leaving like I did. It's really best for them. Since I'm older and wiser and wanted to slow down a little bit and I can work lot from home. is why I moved back a few years ago. But the drugs and crime is another thing that hurts this area. Sure merging can help get grants and funding for businesses but does no good if every one in high, stone or doped.
  7. Here is a example charges being dropped https://www.mdjonline.com/news/charges-dropped-against-harrison-high-student-in-self-defense-case/article_07942504-ec50-11e8-8033-c3cc784c9a24.html
  8. Either way it's still traumatic for the shooter
  9. Wonder if they happened 5 years ago, if he would have got charge🤔
  10. I posted this as a joke to see who would fall for it. I copy and pasted it from a friend I saw from Facebook and I changed the last name as well to see if anyone notice it. The poster on FB had the correct spelling.
  11. Ryan Seacrest Replaced for New Year's Eve Program By ABC Newsroom November10, 6:47 PM EST Producers at ABC have announced that after numerous meetings that Ryan Seacrest will be replaced by Barbara Waters for the New Year's Eve Program. The reason for the change will allow her to say " I am Barbara Waters, and this is 2020". Producers hope that this will gain additional viewers and ratings for the network.
  12. I really liked both Shaw and Sayers. But I hope Sayers will do really well! I really have nothing against Shaw and is record. It was a hard one for me but I voted for Sayers. I like to see what younger folks can bring to the table.
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