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  1. But if this was a guy teacher he would be called sick and perverted etc more so then this woman. Since this is a woman my thought was yeah she shouldn't have done it but she did but what ever she's cute looking. It should be the same thought no matter who did it. I wonder if she has to be a Megan law offender.
  2. JimmyPete

    What's In A Kiss ?

    So wonder we all talk funny up here.
  3. JimmyPete

    What's In A Kiss ?

    I hope y'all leave it at that!
  4. JimmyPete

    What's In A Kiss ?

    And good kisser's nothing like keeping it the family!
  5. JimmyPete

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    So careless and stupid! I agree they should have left the AC on as well regular cleaning. Something tells me they also slacked off in the cleaniness of the school.
  6. JimmyPete

    Dead Body Found In Sandy Lick Creek

    They have all the rights to withhold or relese information as they see fit. Nothing wrong that and I kind of like it that way.
  7. JimmyPete

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    That would require common sense.
  8. JimmyPete

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    I disagree. DuBois already owns the resivor and plants so they are the best option. It would be higher cost for a private company coming in and changing things to their standards. I'm all about private companies and such but when it comes to water and local governments it best to deal with them. We don't need a company playing the middle man been the citizens and local governments.
  9. JimmyPete

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    DuBois buying it would be the best option. But Sandy will _$'-++! It up some how and screw the area. Our local governments are the ones who mis manage our area. Least the fire departments do a better job running things then they do. Maybe since they deal with water they should take it over, could help them fund them.
  10. JimmyPete


    Or cinnamon-homing might help!
  11. Wheni lived in Georgia, they where replacing lights with motion sensor cameras. Sometimes if you flashed your high beam before you reach the red light at night you could sometimes switch the light because the motion would pick up the flash faster.
  12. JimmyPete

    Hospital parking

    They really should do that. But some people didn't know what valet parking is. I didn't till I moved out if DuBois when I went to college. I don't think no places offers it in DuBois. Maybe the country club?
  13. Only 5 intersections in our county? You can see where the money goes!
  14. But keep in mind, no matter how well they obey..... They can still go crazy.