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  1. JimmyPete


    What if you own your parents house? Everything is in your name and not theirs? How does that work?
  2. JimmyPete

    Taco Bell

    Or maybe a Olive Bell
  3. We have both....PF cheaper have free classes and stuff nice machines. Y has gym,pool racquetball and more things to plus better for kids. But you pay for it. I use PF when I travel
  4. Just think if you live in a metro City you'll most likely play $3 to $7 buck a hour or $15+ fee (not fine) so I think DuBois is still pretty darn cheap.
  5. JimmyPete


    That's it's really the truth with my car. To replace the front blinkers you have to lift the car up and peel back the plastic finder to reach up and change the bulb. Luckily the dealer didn't charge me labor for it! I looked it up on you tube and I said forget that I ain't doing it
  6. Wow how dumb can you be? I wonder if he thought this is all it "summed"up to be.
  7. I'm most states l state the insurance is link to the cars plant number, vin and registration. So they should see it when the police pull the tag
  8. I don't care either way he should not have been touching her. I would have done the same thing. I'll hope there was video surveillance to show how he touched or pulled her hair.
  9. What a slap in the wrist! They kill him! But the NCAA didn't do their investigation yet and give us a fine and also suspended is from bowl games? Plus will Franklin be fired as well? I hate all the privilege crap going on but I'm sorry this is such rich bi#&! white frat privilege right here. Some one please tell me why the sentence is acceptable? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/timothy-piazza-hazing-death-judge-hands-down-first-jail-sentences-in-death-of-penn-state-student/
  10. Wow LFG you never disapoint! I just felt I got me education you learn something new every day
  11. I don't get it, they can run the vin, have the owner billed for the tow. It's not that complicated.
  12. I don't think he is. The state I lived in did it the same way. I know those teachers get their own 401k know. But the state matched it 20%. PA is probably a little different. But it seemed close from the state I moved from.
  13. What do you think about plastic bottles and other plastic materials? Do those take a long time to decompose as well? I wished we would go back to glass coke bottles and paper bags. I'm anti plastic to. I know my grandmother would reuse the the paper bags as trash bad. Also would it be beneficial to ban regular trash bags and liners? How would that effect the "trash \ landfill" industry?
  14. Thanks, that makes sense now to why he was most likely to keep all good sick time and get that raise since he was a state employee. Most people don't know that's a law. I just wasn't sure if PA did that or not.
  15. But the funny thing is, if this happened in the 70s 80s or 90s. This would not have happened. But today you can't trust nobody.
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