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  1. If he had a loaded gun then you could use that argument.... hopefully he was shot in the front. I would never shoot at a person running away from me.
  2. That's interesting because they after building a new HQ in Atlanta Georgia and moving from VA
  3. But as a local fireman as well. We are probably 80% that uses flares. Very very rarely do I see other agencies besides fire and fire police, state police use them.
  4. Isn't state law to to have insurance? I'm just assuming it is but I don't know
  5. I hope he is okay but, man that is one way to egg a house
  6. That's is very true. Could put legal ones on then take them off... Or the mechanic can forge tire be size as well on the sheet. Plenty of loop holes.
  7. I think the PSP also needs to hold the inspection stations and inspectors held accountable as well. They are the ones who can pass the vehicles. And sign the stickers.
  8. So the two people who tried to stop him got cited as well? Wouldn't this be considered self defense? What if he had a knife or gun that could have hurt others?
  9. State Police Issue Reminder About Vehicle Tire Regulation Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 by Gant Team in Local News RIDGWAY ­– The Pennsylvania State Police wish to inform motorists that PA Code 67~Chapter 175: Equipment Standards; prohibits any motor vehicle from operating on commonwealth roadways with tires that have any portion of the tread surface projecting beyond the body line. Motorists stopped for operating a vehicle with tire tread projecting beyond the body line will be cited and pay fines and costs totaling over $100. Additionally, vehicles with tire tread projecting beyond the body line will not pass the Pennsylvania Annual Inspection. https://gantdaily.com/2019/07/09/state-police-issue-reminder-about-vehicle-tire-regulation/
  10. I like to use the paper bags. I reuse use them as trash bags at home, put them down if I'm painting something or working in the garage or shop. I hate plastic bags
  11. Y'all are going to burn me at the stake but I think there should be no limit set for revenue. You speed or you pay. It's not fair for those who get caught before the limit and the lucky ones who get away afterwards. May the speed odds be in your favor.
  12. Video of the shooting in coalport https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2176674049291162&id=1505167303108510
  13. This is the county fault as well..... The county should have been bill directly... All my accounts I get bills for. None of my employees have access to the accounts. If they need something from a place that won't send a bill.....I take it care of it personally. Yes it's a pain for me sometimes but I'm not taking that risk of having a person with sticky fingers. I hope the guy that took the money gets what he deserves
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