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Nationwide Civil Defense Drill To Be Conducted On October 4th


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October 4th at 2:20 EST there will be a NATIONWIDE CIVIL DEFENSE DRILL just thought I would let people know ahead of time.  There will be no need to duck under your tables or run for cover it is just a drill.

I wonder what will happen October 5th let the spin games begin. :sarcastic:

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1 hour ago, busrolls36 said:

I’m not quite sure what that means and what we as normal citizens have to do? 

you don't have to do nothing. Just letting everyone know that the sirens with be going off on that day and time and not to be alarmed that there is a tornado or something else happening it will just be a drill. 

Shocks me that it hasn't even happened yet and everyone is all up in arms about it. :rofl::popcorn:

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