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  1. The last 4 years has just proven to me that OUR elected officials definitely feel like THEY are above the laws that we the people HAVE to obey. Plus that they are ALL the most corrupt individuals in the world but yet police themselves! If anything EVERYONE should be appreciative of Trump's efforts to expose this corruption to US and fight for US.....
  2. The Dems are about filling their pockets and their family members pockets with money!
  3. So once again you defend corruption... just like I told watoos, if you would change the names in this story to Trump you and him would be b!tching to no end!
  4. Do you know how many times I have asked the same thing and no response at all!
  5. Need a applaud meme now! You are dead on!
  6. Let me rephrase that for you.... concerns many Democrats... there it is fixed.
  7. Definitely believe that this is more important than any position whether it be the WH, the House or the Senate. Because this is the group that is supposed to KNOW and RULE by the constitution and laws of the land, but sadly they too have become infected by political leanings which is not right. A position on the SCOTUS should be based on that person's knowledge and history of following those the Constitution and laws when making their decisions, and from what I have seen and know about this person she most definitely meets those qualifications IMO. When I hear the Democrats say that they will increase the number of justices, plus lets not forget THEY did threaten them not all that long ago as well, it only proves to me that it is THEM (Democrats) that want to have a corrupt SCOTUS so that they can push though EVERYTHING they want. As I have been told my whole life actions speak louder than words, and it is so true with the Democrats for the past at least 12 years.
  8. Plus now you have Democrat politicians that have been in office for 30-40 years saying it may be time for term limits for Justices. I can go for that, if we can also have term limits on politicians as well...
  9. Thanks all.... I have installed them before, just so busy lately that I figured I would look for someone to install them.
  10. I have 3 garage door openers I need installed and looking for someone who does it.... Thanks, Jeff
  11. My uncle died at Carson Hill in 1968 due to car wreck... I was only 2 but remember my dad was shaken up pretty bad.
  12. All of this would be mute if we appointed people based on their knowledge of the laws and constitution of our country. All you got to do is listen to both sides and their arguments to see my very point, THEY are afraid one side or the other is going to get a judge that favors that party. This is wrong in many ways and you just need to look back at the FISA crap and how a PARTY controlling anything is not a good thing.
  13. I have been saying for a very long time that these justices appointed to the SCOTUS should rule based on the the LAWS and CONSTITUTION of our country, that goes for ALL judges from our local magistrate up to the SCOTUS. We can not have our justice system being controlled by any party in our country. The Democrats did it through the 8 years of Obama and stacked the Federal level circuit judges with Democrat leaning people. All judges should rule by law, not party beliefs!
  14. Just because you keep saying the same thing over and over again does not make it true.... Didn't your "award winning governor" state that this is how life is going to be until a vaccine becomes available? Believe a few of your great Democrat governors stated the very same thing since it probably came from the DNC playbook. So if a vaccine is the only thing that will stop this just how could it of been stopped? Would ban flights from China stop... oops Trump did that on Jan. 31st 2020. Biden came out on February 1st and stated that Trump is Xenophobic and a fearmonger because of banning those flights. Pelosi tells everyone on TV that Trump is a racist and everyone should visit Chinatown. Then the Mayor of NYC & his health expert tells New Yorkers to use the subway, go to concerts and the CORONAVIRUS is no big deal on March 13th! So I would say you are full of ____!
  15. You mean like a politician that has been in office for 47 years and the same problems still exist? Your hatred for Trump makes you easy prey!
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