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  1. I think Fire Company’s should be allowed to charge a fee when they respond. Take a car accident for instance, everyone except the Fire companies get paid. ie: police, life flight, wrecker service, ambulance. It’s time for change.
  2. They left this go for months before they did anything? Or did they review the cameras after they noticed? I would never spend that on a stack of pancakes anyway.
  3. Those darn kids outside playing basketball!!! How dare they do that instead of playing video games.
  4. Walmart really needs to upgrade their cameras if they want to ID people with them. It's a shame they even need cameras.
  5. Glad to here it Mr. D. So your saying they can be picked up. What if they're still burning?
  6. I do a lot of Bicycling around the area and have a question that maybe someone can answer. At every location that emergency services have to respond to I find the wires remaining from the Road Flares. So the question is why do they leave them along the road? I understand the purpose but not why they are left along the road.
  7. It happens all the time on the Police shows "Cops" or whatever. These folks are on cable tv and may be innocent. I would think that's a lot more embarrassing.
  8. I guess if some believe this was an embarrassment, maybe he shouldn't commit crimes in the first place.
  9. And yet our state government has to find other revenue sources to fund the State police pension? Sounds like they already have one.
  10. Boy I’ve seen a lot of violations out on the road!!
  11. Pennsylvania is in the dark ages when it comes to just about everything!!!!!
  12. Are you kidding that woman assaulted that boys fist with her face and then fell down. "Sarcasm" but I'm sure his parents will try and say their little boy did nothing wrong.
  13. I'd post that video everywhere I could. If the school still had it available online they must not have been to concerned about it. School was just being a bully because he didn't like the content. We still have the freedom of press
  14. I've owned and have rode for over thirty years and haven't had a serious injury. You have to respect the machine and your ability to operate it. I think the older gentlemen that hit the deer was a freak accident and I doubt any horseplay was involved. How much would you like to bet that the state will mandate some kind of safety training and charge you for it.
  15. This is when people actually would stop and hang out with one another instead of just looking at a screen all the time. I used to love the cruise and the vehicles. The sound systems were amazing in some of those cars. I miss the way it used to be!!
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