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  1. how does one convert crypto currency into real currency? It seems odd there's no legal charges.
  2. I certainly wouldn't take this risk for a haircut I can live with long hair till this see's an end
  3. This seems like it might influence drinking and driving!!
  4. Hopefully that's the end of the commercials also.
  5. A few stray cows show up on my property they may get fattened up and never be seen again.
  6. With the price of beef this doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't be reselling. I'd learn how to butcher a cow. You think that's on YouTube? HaHa
  7. Very tempting for a teenager, I hope they give him a reward for his honesty.
  8. I had McDonald's refuse me service this morning because i was on a bicycle.
  9. I was thinking i have a new species for hunting! i'll be getting the guns out.
  10. that would be the last place I would want to be but i'm a bit of a germaphobe
  11. They only ever said not to run with scissors, nothing about stabbing!!!
  12. I get to have these Zoom meetings a few times a week. Luckily i only listen and respond and can't be seen.
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