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  1. Lizard

    cops radar

    Some folks think their vehicles are time machines and it can fix the fact that they left to late!!!!
  2. Locals suppliers make it so it’s a no brained to shop online. Greedy!!! I don’t mind a little difference if I can get the item right now but I have my limits
  3. 11-14 Deer is considered a major poaching ring? More deer die on the roads everyday. It said they found carcasses but were they complete or was the meat missing?
  4. Lizard

    So how else?

    Certainly don't disagree but not sure what we can do about it. The gov has a lot of military now that they'll use against us. Just like they did yesterday, what did it change? 4 people died and many arrested but won't change a thing. Think about it they fired upon unarmed people. Imagine the fire fight if they had weapons. Just another example they'll use to take our firearms.
  5. Lizard

    So how else?

    The Patriots fought a war because of taxes and ended up with the same thing. Its been happening since the dawn of our government.
  6. i could imagine that all VFD's are short on members but she was the secretary since she was 16 or 17. Thats quite a responsibility for a young person, very tempting.
  7. i read a report saying the fire was arson. I sure hope the person responsible gets caught.
  8. Just more reason to avoid all these roads. They waste the revenue on mass transit in the city and our other roads are going to pot.
  9. Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of drivers don’t understand that they need to stop at the white line. There are sensors in the road the tell the light system you are sitting there. I watch a driver this morning sitting so far ahead of the line that the light wouldn’t change. They ended up running the light because it wouldn’t change.
  10. Who does this? Really, beat your child and then take pictures? These children should never been allowed to be near them again.
  11. Lizard

    cool neighbor

    Pretty Cool!! Some people would have ran out and complained
  12. Hungry Hungry Hippo!!! Sorry i had to.
  13. The worst part or Corona Virus is staying home for 2 weeks. You don’t realize how much you go out until you can’t
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