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  1. They look alike but can't figure out who it is.
  2. My guess is the one on the right is The Governor. I dont know who the other one is.
  3. Oh, they wont need them. It will be just a beautiful utopia where nothing ever goes wrong.
  4. A mile from the nearest proposed street car line! That's a long way when the weather isn't good.
  5. Lizard

    Gray Fox

    technically 10/10/20=.05
  6. The campground and golf course is open but thats it. I believe the rent the hall for events.
  7. They need hard labor to cover the expense of their room and board!!! I'm tired of paying taxes to keep all these deadbeats in prison!
  8. I may live under a rock but what is DNH?
  9. Anybody know what these are?
  10. I get the same crap. I can’t drop my landline or it breaks me out of my bundle with Dish and the internet. Brockway doesn’t have any other options.
  11. Don’t forget turning left without the green arrow and they think they still have the right of way!!!
  12. Hate crime towards who? A lot of different people from different origins have ended up on the end of a rope!!!
  13. Didn’t know a piece of rope could be so offensive
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