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  1. Lizard


    Must be making some serious coin to tear down and start over!
  2. Lizard

    Hot flashes

    Those are also known as "Power Surges". Hope you have good luck with finding some relief.
  3. For the price of some off them, they don't seem disposable anymore. No wonder the stores lock them up
  4. How does one fall for this? If it seems to good to be true it is probably a scam!!!
  5. At least the kid knew another to buy food
  6. I smile at people too but they can’t see that with me wearing a mask.
  7. So your in Jamaica but still surfing GoDubois!!!Thats dedication.
  8. They won’t make people wear the mask properly. There will be people with the mask off their nose. Kinda defeats the purpose of wearing one in the first place
  9. They already sell milk in paper and just about everything else in plastic in Brockway. Won’t be a big deal. Ever since Brockway Glass sold out to OÍ it’s seems like nobody cares.
  10. I completely understand but a business can still refuse to serve them
  11. This idiot just cost the taxpayers a lot of money. He’s never going to pay for the life flight or medical treatment.
  12. So someone broke in and wiped out backup drives instead of taking them? More drama from Jack! He must of needed some media attention to get his name out there again.
  13. I believe the shop just set it self up to be a target for criminals. I’d bet the police will be less likely to respond quickly to a robbery in progress.
  14. Get your kids in the water as soon as you can. Teach them to swim early and you won’t ever need to worry. Both mine were swimming on their own before 5 years old.
  15. Only toxic if ingested. Hopefully Boy Scouts are taught not to eat them.
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