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  1. When we went to Disney we tailgated. We went to Walmart and bought sandwiches, drinks and snacks. They have shuttles running to the parking lots all day long worked out good for us but our kids have no interest in going back. Told us it was nice but not worth the wait.
  2. Good thing handguns are illegal in New York!!!!. Sarcasm Noted. That way only the criminals have them!!! No law will ever rid firearms completely. Maybe a gun toting civilian could of taking him out.
  3. we should have those finger guns registered and have a background check done. This country is getting out of hand with this political correctness bullshit.
  4. We’ll send them your way
  5. We live in north central Pa. get used to winter driving or move south.
  6. I rode my bicycle to work at 6:30am and never spun a wheel and I live in Brockway
  7. and it starts, will Reynoldsville be the next small town without a police force?? Doesn't seem right to have 2 officers on 9-5 and none any other time.
  8. They always say if your going to do something, plan it from the start He'll probably still get caught but it seems well thought out.
  9. and half the time the speed is so slow you cant stream Netflix!! We can get Hughes Satellite but its very expensive.
  10. With the cost at $2.07/gallon it would almost have to be the red dyed fuel. Had to be planned. Maybe an inside job, not everyone can haul 800 gallons away!!!
  11. Phil better be careful because it's open season on groundhogs all year long!!!!
  12. Wings deep fried at home and Paesano Pizza with 1/2 the proceeds benefiting Jewel and Paige.
  13. I heard they are quite tasty but I haven't tried one myself yet! I don't think they would taste bad they have the same diet as a cow.
  14. Every village has one!! They always think they don't have to pay. I would of sold his belongings out of the back of the truck.
  15. Probably trying to get control of the Baseball Fields!!!!!
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