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    The gov is a fool and he proved that marching with the other fools back to back, side to side. Do as I say but not as I do. Fool.
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    Good News

    I just got a job at the Comfort Suites starting tomorrow!!!! Kinda nervous at the same time excited
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    My Daughter My Hero USAF

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    This has all gone beyond bullshit. Not every cop is bad or racist. I am sure there are some. You will find them everywhere but we are back to people being offended over stupid poop. People are trying to erase history instead of learning from it. I don't even have words anymore for all of the idiocy I see every day.
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    One heck of a storm

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    I'm off to Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in 3 weeks My Car is being featured in an Invitational Display this year.
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    Context matters... Antebellum means occurring before war. No specific war, just before a war, which context would matter. Nowhere have I ever seen Lady Antebellum say their name is specific to the US Civil War. Technically, 1860 is antebellum to the Vietnam War, to the Korean War, to WWII, WWI, etc. Anyone getting bent out of shape over Lady Antebellum's name needs to go get bent.
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    POTD Faith

    What a wonderful message to start my day from Faith Marie! I'll do my best today to be that bit of sunshine that someone might need at the moment! Hope y'all will do the same! God bless Faith Marie, her family and the journey they are on!
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    I said it for years.... Stupidity is contagious.... ...But no one believed me. The only cure is death.
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    This is what happens when a giant corporation rolls over on its back and shows its weak underbelly to one group without even questioning what is said. Do any of you work in the corporate world? I’ve been seeing this for 3 weeks now. Do you mean to tell me in the middle of all those garages not one person said “Hey, dipsh1t, it’s just a ing pull rope for the door!” All those NASCAR crew members and drivers in that area, and none of them has ever seen a roll up door before? It’s complete bullsh1t! You know at least one person, probably named Dewayne (pronounced Dee Wayne), said “Look here, you stupid MF’ers, it’s a in’ rope to close the in’ door!” NASCAR: “No, no, no Dewayne, it may be viewed as offensive, and during these sensitive times we must take every measure to show that NASCAR stands firm in its commitment to providing an environment free of discrimination where all competitors are treated equally” Dewayne: “It’s a in’ pull rope!” But no, NASCAR launches an investigation rather than just walk down and look, ESPN and the media jump all over it, and here we go again with those racist southern rednecks and their confederate flags and monuments. I get to sit here for 2 days and listen to a bunch of Yankees talk, again, about how stupid and racist the south is while ignoring all the black on black murders that happened in Chicago over the weekend and the fact that George Floyd was killed in Minnesota. There’s no Yankee racists, racism only comes from inanimate objects like southern flags and statues. Hell, racism is so deep down here we can sneak into a heavily guarded, video monitored, limited access area during a NASCAR event to attach a noose to a black driver’s stall. So NASCAR lines up every team and pushes Wallace to the front of the line. He stands on the hood of his car and takes selfies with everyone behind and under him. After the race he pulls his mask down during an interview so he can say “I want you to see my face, I want you to see me smiling, you won’t intimidate me!” Then the FBI sends 15 agents to say “Hey you dumbes, it’s a ing pull rope!” And now Bubba doesn’t believe it and FBI is wrong? He doesn’t want equal treatment, he wants to be special, and he was for a few days. This is where we’re heading, not equality, special treatment, and once that stone starts rolling down the hill there’s no turning it around. We erase history because it’s sad, take Live PD off the air because it makes cops look good and lawbreakers look bad (plenty of southern white trash in SC, FL, and LA), don’t show looting in the streets on the news because it may be perceived as casting blacks in a negative light, and excuse violent protests as a need to be heard, and no one stops to think that they are all being manipulated during an election year. But those southern rednecks sure are stupid, aren’t they? NASCAR
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    She is the only one that needs to be muzzled. The rest of us should be able to do it according to our consciousness. Kind of late in the game too. Losing it again?
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    I am so glad you are no longer teaching young minds.
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    The Protests Come for ‘Paw Patrol’

    I love Paw Patrol and My grandson loves it too! We need to stop this evil that is trying to change & control our lives!!
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    OMG...What A Big Big Baby!!!

    On June 23, at 9:59 am Bradford city fire Dept. was dispatched to Hanley park to assist a 17 year old male stuck in a baby swing.
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    I'd rather have an amendment added that requires the hanging of all politicians after serving (2) full terms.
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    How is Ms. Pelosi going to enforce this one? There is nothing like introducing legislation that can't be enforced. It is a political ploy to corral the votes of those who want the government to wrap them in a warm fuzzy blanket. Then the blanket becomes a straight jacket.
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    Found this old antler shed

    Not sure what to do with this one. Yesterday being rainy I cleaned it up and will use it as a Pennsylvania mountains valet for every day carry items.
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    screw you....save me

    From Associated Press, June 26, 2020: "The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously advanced a proposal to change the city charter to allow the police department to be dismantled" Can anyone be sure "the police will still be there"? What part of "...allow the police department to be dismantled..." means "reform"?
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    The real question is why should anyone ever have to be put in a situation to where they have to identify as white, black, bi racial etc if we are all human?
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    Tom, we as educators have not been too good at Teaching.. SOME THINGS! they tore down and destroyed statue of US Grant.. You know the US Grant that pretty much sealed fate of the Confederacy and destroying the KKK of the time.. Yep, excellent idea advocating erasing history for our benefit.. well, it isn't mine..
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    Protesters didn't take to the streets because they were offended by corn syrup packaging or ice cream treats. They saw a man murdered in the streets and want justice. These corporate responses in product labeling weren't at the demand of protesters. Its a company trying to do something to acknowledge social injustice is real an something has to be done about it. I had dinner with a couple chainsaw carvers from the UK a year ago. I told them I don't follow the Brexit issue very closely how is it going. One slowly shook his head and said it the worst thing he's ever seen in his lifetime in his country. The division of British citizens is terrible. He knows brothers that will never speak again. Domestic and foreign powers use innate fear of other races or ethnicities to sow division to either weaken a country or advance their own political power. Its been extremely successful. Just look around. If we understand genuine American values, we can't just take one side on the issue of race. We understand both sides have work to do. Conman, if you don't think Al Sharpton is a racist you might want to revisit that. Both sides need to address racism within their own because pointing it out on the other's side fans the flames. You, me we're all closet racists unless we adopt a common goal of understanding this country has to find a way to make it all work. Our president is speaking later today in Tulsa. I'm watching for either a unifying message or a divisive one and hoping for the one that unites. We're all Americans. Don't divide us our buy into the division. Real America finds the way to make it all work.
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    All in this togeather??

    Just be selective about your social media. I don’t do FB, Twitter, Snapchat, any of that narcissistic crap where everyone has to show you pictures of their kids, vacations, virtuous cause of the month, fabulous dinner, or abnormally sized poop. I chose one social media site and stuck with it. Sure, it’s a town full of old, white conservatives, but there is that one guy who thinks AOC leans a little too far to the right
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    What success. He had made so many hardships for so many people. That is not success. Again, he is an idiot.
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    I buy the mix and the syrup for the flavor that's inside not what it looks like on the outside.
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    The whole thing is stupid. Leave things alone.
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    Beautiful Day

    A good day today will be a continuation of a good weekend. Last night we attended a social function with approximately 150 others folks, listened to some good music, drank some adult beverages, celebrated a couple birthdays, and enjoyed the company of many friends. At the end of the evening I crashed into the best night's sleep I've had in a week or more and now we are blessed with what looks like the beginning of another beautiful, God given day. Now I just need to avoid seeing any news and stay away from all of the other foolish reporting of the outrage of the day, life will be great.
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    Strawberry Moon Tonjght

    No, no, no Even you Yankees have to know this one. First full moon of June is the Crappie Moon. And not that watered down yankee “croppy”, it’s a “Crappy” moon The bream are going on bed, shell crackers will be slamming anything that dare get near them, but the real fun is the slab crappie that will be swarming at night. I’ll drop the green light off the dock right at dusk, let the bait fish start gathering, and as soon as Honey Boo Boo is over I’ll head down and start loading the cooler for the next fish fry
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    Voting results

    That's what happens when you run a dirty campaign and try to smear a good man. Hope Herm learned a valuable lesson.
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    screw you....save me

    I just visited a 87 year old former plant working union Liberal woman. She wants to knock the " Pelosi out".
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    screw you....save me

    At this point, if I were 20 again, I would not be bringing a child into this insane world. Every new day seems to be worse than the day before.
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    screw you....save me

    What you mean is PRIVATE security forces. BTW, it's to protect them from the backlash of choices that they're making. You know, the ones that they're supposed to make in the interest of those that they were elected to represent.
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    See A Turkey ? Submit A Report

    Provide a picture or description so they can determine if it is a Honeysuckle, Butterball, Jennie-O, or Perdue turkey.
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    You will notice that he becomes involved in what I'd guess we'd have to refer to as "white-people problems". I'd delve into this in greater detail but I've already got my allotted "thumbs down" from Conman for speaking truthfully today.
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    Just call it a BLM rally with cars...Hell, Wolf will probably show up...sad
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    So we have had/have black president, senators, judges, lawyers, teachers, doctors, police officers, accountants, principals, business owners, professors and etc but the left still wants to shame the white man! I got thru school, got my job and opened my business due to me working for it no handed me crap. Even the left’s presidential hopeful Joe Biden talked about the black family unit over 27 years ago while in office. And please note this was a problem then too, but the same politicians we had then are still there today and have done nothing about this issue because heaven forbid a politician would actually fix anything.
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    So there are no blacks that are racist against whites? Really? I think you have blinders on.
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    What exactly is racist about Aunt Jemima and Mrs Butterworth? I knew as soon as I read the article you would be cheering. People need to get a life and worry about actual issues. Not what is on pancake mix and a syrup bottle. If a white person were on them I guess it would be because of white privilege right? Then people will complain about that. Pretty soon everything we see will be faceless because people are INSANE.
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    WHO makes Covid announcement

    I have been an essential worker since the beginning. I wear my mask at work and out in public. I keep my 6ft of distance and expect others to do so. I don't wear gloves, but only touch what I have to. I am not fearful of catching the disease and I am far from a zealot, but, especially since going green, I simply assume most of the folks out there, especially those that refuse to wear a mask or wear them incorrectly, are utter morons who couldn't and wouldn't know to protect themselves from rain with an umbrella and have no consideration for those around them. What I do have is a responsibility to protect myself as much as reasonably possible because I have a responsibility to protect my family and coworkers. I expect the same consideration from them. Not wearing a mask doesn't prove one has bigger testicles or make them grow bigger. I do not wish to be the source that causes my family and coworkers to become infected.
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    Here's an idea....defund the PC police.
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    If you want to take the flag, take the flag. Nikki Haley took ours down years ago. What I don’t want to hear, and all I have heard since Bubba Wallace made his remarks, is a bunch of ing Yankee broadcasters talk about how backwards and stupid the South is. Way more black people live down here, and we all get along way better than y’all give us credit for. If we didn’t, do you think they would still be here? This is just an excuse for everyone to point a finger at the south, again, and say “It’s them, not us”. Remind me again where George Floyd was from?
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    Beautiful Day

    I’ve been up since 4 because the moon was shining into my window. The sky is a beautiful baby blue color. I hear the birds singing, as usual. Enjoy the day everyone!!
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    Turd Ferguson

    Remember D-Day - June 6, 1944

    The greatest generation. People of today pale by comparison.
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    Wolf has now PROVEN himself to be an incompetent leader through both his past and current actions. He should be removed from office. End of conversation.
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    everyone take a deep breath

    and sing along
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    Because we are in "light green". Next, is "grass green". Things really don't open up until we achieve "avocado green". CareerLink opens in the shade after that, "clover green". After "clover green", we can then, finally, move to "eggshell white".
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    Honestly I'd buy it without thinking anything about it because I'm not constantly thinking about the race card.
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    READER PHOTO: Stone Person Captured Masking in Clearfield Co. Posted on Friday, June 12, 2020 by Gant Team in Coronavirus Updates, Features, Local News A member of the Rockton stone people is heeding state and federal public safety guidance and wearing a protective mask during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Photo is courtesy of GANT News reader Gerry Hatcher of Clearfield.
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    Austin Dam

    I had to go to Port Allegheny for a meeting with a railroad and the borough today, so on the way back the little lady and myself stopped by the Austin Dam park for a visit. Here are a few pics.
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