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  1. On 12/29/2023 at 12:26 PM, L8RG8R said:

    You own the phone,  however you don't own the media at which the information is transmitted across.  They are allowed to monitor their lines all they want, however they cannot monitor your specific device without a warrant.

    Only the government cannot monitor your device without a warrant.   The Bill of Rights only protects you from Government infringements and guarantees your privacy from the Government. 

    Private entities are only subject to laws prohibiting such acts, which if there is no law against it or if you sign away said right, they can do it.

    I personally can hook onto any call at a phone office and listen.  I just cannot disclose said conversation or record it.  Heck, I can hook onto lines in the field and listen as well, same rules apply.

  2. On 10/23/2023 at 4:12 PM, Basset3 said:

    Personally....I'd give Taylor Swift a 2 1/2; but on the other end of the scale, I'd give Kate Beckinsale around a 9+.

    I'm there with you with Kate. 

  3. I concur.  They are much like nut-bearing trees.  You have off & on years.  Sure, you'll get a few random fruit/nuts on an off year.  An on year will bear much more, relatively.

    I have (1) large black walnut tree at the corner of my property and 3 or 4 10-15ft younglings.  This year was an on year, last year an off year.  

    My parents'(just mom now) pecan trees in FL are the same way.


  4. I'm know I'm a bit late to the party, but most of those apple trees produce an apple that really isn't pleasant to eat straight/raw.   They tend to be tart and hard.  Now, they are good for cooked/baked goods like pies.  Cooking them helps convert some of the matter into sugars to dissipate the tart nature of them.  And with them being firmer than your typical store apple, they tend to hold together instead of turn to mush.

    Lots of those trees were planted to have a supplementary food source(pies), or to make cider/wine from.  ...and to feed livestock.

    You'll be surprised if you bite into one and expect it to be as tasty as a Red Delicious from the grocery store. 

    We still have a couple of those trees on our farm - planted in the early 1900's.   Our oldest tree died about 15-20 years ago that was near the house, so we had to remove it.  It was planted in the second half of the 1800's when the farm was established.  Once every couple years I'll go get some for the old lady to make a desert with.  I like to occasionally cut them in quarters, trim out the centers, then put them on the grill and baste them with honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon.   I'll throw some soaked apple wood chips on the coals to add some smokey flavor to them too.

  5. I'm all for term limits on Congress.   And once they've served their full terms, walk them out and hang them for the deeds we don't know about.

    Those that leave office 1 day or more before fulfilling full term shall first face an accounting and criminal review, and if there is dirt - hang them.

    The reason I have those who willingly left office get a proper investigation is because they showed some sort of reasoning to give up power.

  6. 11 hours ago, Petee said:

    Hubby and I always get our gas at Jim's Atlantic, a local family business that has been there for many years.  They are citizens, friends and neighbors who spend their money locally.  Unless it got way higher than big gas, I would still get my gas there.

    You pull in, they come out to pump your gas, they smile and sometimes give you a loaf of Zucchini Bread.  You can get your oil changed there with a smile and no line up.  The good old days are still here if you look for them.  Don't expect mega advertising, just gas pumped for you.

    I buy almost all of my local gas at Mike's Eastside Sunoco here in Brookville(same Mike that used to own the grocery store).    When I'm out & abouts, it is Sheetz.  ...it is at least a PA owned business. $0.03 normal discount with my pump-first card, and when I rack up a crap load of points they will occasionally give me a $0.20 to $0.30 discount on top of that.   And I rack up points fast with how much I spend at Sheetz from Meyersdale to Warren, Altoona to New Castle.  Lots of driving for work.  Presently at 6337 points, that is after a regularly getting free coffees, pops, cookies, etc while I'm traveling.

  7. I went to Sheetz in Brookville the day of for a bottle of wine.  The line extended out onto Allegheny Blvd.   ....I wasn't about to sit in line for that cluster-'F of an event to save a few dollars(time is money to me, even my free time).   Brookville PD had a squad car and officer helping with traffic.

  8. All the blades and generator units in the region I work(lower 1/3 of Cambria & all of Somerset counties) came from Erie via rail car, then offloaded to truck for either temp storage or construction.  The is(or was?) a big storage yard along SR160 just south of Ebensburg for spare units.

    There are more windmills down there than I can count.  I had to design fiber and copper services to all the monitoring/maintenance offices in my area.  From a distance they don't look all that big, but once you're under one you see how big they really are.   Most of the newer units have blades that are 92FT or longer.   Some of the older units have 75-85FT blades.

  9. On 6/29/2023 at 8:35 PM, buschpounder said:

    There are exceptions to an officer having police powers outside of their jurisdiction.  Some off the top of my head are if the officer is outside his jurisdiction but believes a felony was commited, or  the officer is in hot pursuit, or the officer has permission from the chief of that jurisdiction.

    As far as the game commision: according to state law officers do not need a warrant, the property owner's permission, or even probable cause; they may enter private property and surveil hunters for potential violations of hunting laws, without restriction. Any landowners who refuse the officer's request can face up to a $1,500 fine and three months in jail.  

    There is a law suit going on right now in Pa regarding this issue with a camp suing the state in Clearfield county. 

    Police in PA are empowered by the state, not the municipality.  They may be employed by a given jurisdiction or municipality - but their power is statewide.  There is a difference between empowered and employed.  A Brookville PD officer has the same power in DuBois as they do in Brookville.  ..Brookville just pays them to patrol Brookville.   That is how DuBois police can be called for backup in Reynoldsville - which has happened.   Or the Cherry Tree officer called to cover Rayne Twp, Manor Twp, Marion Center borough, etc, etc.   They just have an agreement between those municipalities to help PAY for the cost of coverage.   Heck, Brookville PD is the first responder LEO agency for the Pine Creek Elementary school in Pine Creek Twp.

    The portion you mention about the game commission - that only applies to the Open Fields Doctrine, which also applies to regular police.  They still need a warrant to search and seize what isn't in plain view.   They cannot just go search your house, dwelling, or vehicle without warrant. 

    All of us in PA, whether a police officer or a Joe Schmoe, has the power of arrest when we believe a felony has been committed, same with a breach of the peace that we have personally witnessed.

  10. 6 hours ago, fedup said:

    The old story was that the game warden did not need a search warrant like the police. 


    They need warrants just like any other officer.   But just like any other officer, if they see a crime take place, they can act on probable cause.

    Game Wardens have full police powers in PA just like the State Police and municipal police.  They can also issue tickets for vehicle offenses.    All officers of the law in PA are officers also when off duty, and have powers state wide.   Yes, your DuBois police officers have the same power of arrest if they visit Philly on vacation as they do within the City of DuBois on duty.

    The Game Wardens, State Police, and municipal police aren't the only type of police in PA either.   There are sworn rail police, elected constables(and their deputies), DCNR police(rangers), and a few others - all with full police powers.  It is just their primary duty is to a specific thing or area - but their powers extend beyond.

    PA sheriffs really aren't police in PA(except in Allegheny County).  They are more of a bailiff/bounty hunter than officers of the law.  They only have the same powers of arrest as you and I.  ...for when there is a warrant for the person, when you witness a breach of the peace, or when you believe a felony has occurred.

  11. I've seen cases where a daughter chose to carry on both parents' family names, and take her spouse's last name.   Those women we from families that didn't spawn a son to carry the father's last name so they took it upon themselves to make sure the name doesn't die off.

    I fully respect the act of ladies keeping the family names alive.  One of my ex-GF's chose to keep her lastname after getting married because she was the only child, and that lastname is quite rare here.  There weren't any male cousins either to carry it on.

    Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon for one of the sons to be given the mother's maiden last name as a middle name.   That is a practice that isn't common today.

  12. 15 hours ago, DLE1950 said:

    Trucker dump ??? It's happened before.

    Could be.  It'd be far from the first time that has happened.

    I80 is also a major corridor between NYC and more western major cities, both for legit and illicit reasons.   I'm actually surprised their aren't more dead folk found along the interstate.

  13. When I had cut the cord here in Brookville about 4 years ago I had Comcast that cost me $250 per month(internet/phone/tv).   Windstream's fiber was a year out, so I got their bonded (2)x25Mbps VDSL = 50Mbps, but about 37Mbps at my distance from the phone office (about 1 mile away).  That was about $50 per month.

    With current arrangement of fiber I pay just less than $100 for internet alone.   Then I have (5) paid subscriptions to streaming services that is still under $100 a month combined - I'm guessing about $60 per month for them all??   Paramount+(w/Showtime), Peacock, HBOMax, Starz, and Disney+(w/Hulu and ESPN+).   The old lady pays $140 per year for Amazon Prime that has free shipping and you can stream programming of theirs.  (she buys a lot from Amazon)

    There are a bunch of free streaming services, but they are practically all old programming from broadcast tv.

    There are some "like-cable" streaming companies like YouTubeTV, AT&T's Dish, etc. ...which you get similar channels as cable tv for similar prices as cable tv.

  14. In addition to above, streaming services will eat a lot of data.   The more you watch, and the more people watching other tv's - the more you will use.

    We're well over 1Gb of data a day.   Some days between 5Gb and 15Gb per day between the old lady that streams 24/7 due to being in bed all day(disabilities), myself on internet from 7/8AM til bedtime + tv from quitting time until bedtime.   ...And the kid, who actually does little streaming or internet via computer but does WIFI data and does a lot on his cellphone.

    Data capped or throttled services should be avoided if you have a family.

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