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  1. I call BS. Last I checked the person I think they are talking about has the last name Walters.
  2. Seems like a true statement measured by the 2016 Presidential election since the Democratic candidate won the popular vote.
  3. I don't remember her melting. I do remember her legs sticking out from under a house. AKA Manor.
  4. Try Mohney Automotive in Brookville. 814 849 4022
  5. If it was up to me she would not have had to be too demanding. Who could shoot a one and four year old.
  6. Lots of times that's why I keep my mouth shut and the tin foil hat on.
  7. pwacm


    It doesn't work for everything....
  8. pwacm


    Hint. Sometimes if you ignore it. It just goes away.
  9. I agree. Using borough in the headline makes it pretty clear to me. If not it's spelled out in the first paragraph.
  10. The parking lot footage is what I would like to see. I hope he got his but kicked. Why would she go on to marry him?
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