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Rest In Peace Shmoopie11 <3


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Remember her as she was, a smile  on her face and the love she had in her heart for you, you never loose her she will live on forever. Make sure her children are helped through their loss. Write down things she shared with you, make a album honoring a beautiful woman, Mother and friend. 

If you have a tape with her speaking make a copy of it for her children that way they can someday share her voice with their children.

Old3doog Put something she wore that still has smell of her perfume on it, she will be in the truck with you.

My prayers are for all of you, I think of my Mom I picture her going through the row of wings, she was beautiful in anything she wore, I know she would have picked lavender, I wonder what color Schmoopie picked out.

She is with God resting in peace. :pray: for all of you    Thank-you for sharing her with us.

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I always read her comments because they were thoughtful, and I appreciated her strong support of the rights of children.  Most of all, she is one of the very few people on this site who had the guts to use her own picture as an avatar.  I admired her courage.

You are 100% correct.  I didn't know her as well or as long as most of the folks here, but her sincerity touched me deeply.  She offered me some much needed words of encouragement at one point and it will never be forgotten.  She was truly an amazing person.  Her love and light will live on forever.

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I'm so sorry, Dogg.  I wish there were something that could be done to ease your pain.  


Know you are in our thoughts and we all care.  Peace to you, my friend.

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